Can an International Student Change a Course?

Read below for some frequently asked questions with answers that might help you in your journey of finding that perfect course for you or changing your current course.



Am I allowed to change my course at my institution?

The answer is yes. You can definitely change a course at the same institution, as long as it is at the same level as your current course of study. For example, if you are studying a Bachelor of Accounting, you can change to the same level of course e.g. Bachelor of Design. Speak directly to your institution to make arrangements for it. You don’t need to apply for another visa to do this, except when your current student visa is about to expire.


What should I do if I am having difficulty in my studies and I am not enjoying my course?

Make use of your institution’s services such as a counselling program or speak to your international student advisor or academic advisor. They can provide support in determining the course of actions relevant to your current academic situation. This may include guiding you on how to manage your time and how to improve your marks. If you are having difficulty in terms of stress and mental health issues that might be affecting not just your studies but your life in general, they can also refer you to a qualified professional (e.g. student counsellor or general practitioner)


Is it possible for me to transfer to another institution?

If you are less than six months in the course:
The answer is yes. To do this, you will need to speak to your institution and secure permission from them. You need to apply for a “release letter” where you will be stating your reasons for transferring. This document will be needed by your new institution and when successful, you will be given a Confirmation of Enrolment which they will be submitting to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
Take note, however, that your current institution has the right to refuse your request or that your new institution may restrict you from enrolling, considering that you haven’t fulfilled six months of study for which your student visa was granted. This explains why you need a genuine and compelling reason behind your decision to transfer.


If you are more than six months in the course:
Yes, you are allowed to transfer to another institution if you have been studying for more than six months in your course. You also don’t need a release letter from your institution, but you need to withdraw from your course and be accepted to the new course in your new institution.
Australia Study is able to help you should you need assistance and further information on this process. Our friendly team will be able to give you advice on the steps to take and the institutions where you can apply for your new chosen course.


Will changing courses affect my Student Visa?

Changing courses may affect your student visa as it impacts your course load as well as the duration of your course of study. Your visa may be cancelled if you are not anymore studying at the level for which you have been granted a visa. Visit the Department of Home Affairs guide to changing courses for more information.

You may also seek professional advice from a qualified education consultant in order to make sure that you are on the right track.


Can I move to a lower level of study?

You will need to apply for another student visa if you want to move to a lower level of study (e.g. from Bachelor to Diploma; or from Master to Bachelor).


What happens if I decide to take a break from my studies?

While you are holding a student visa in Australia, you are expected to follow its terms and conditions, and that includes attending your classes and passing your subjects. Therefore, if you are not studying, it may result in the cancellation of your visa.


Nevertheless, it is possible to take a break from your studies, only if you have a genuine and compelling reason for deferring your course. As this will affect your course and marks, it will also be affecting the completion date of your course. As such, your visa needs to be extended in order to complete the course.


You will need to inform your institution and then they will be advising the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) on your decision. However, it is important to take note that the DHA will have the final decision on this matter and extensions cannot be guaranteed by your institution.

Why Study In Australia, Not In Other Countries?

This article explores why Australia is the perfect study destination and why you should consider it over other countries. We all know that education is crucial when deciding where to study abroad, and Australia doesn’t disappoint. With prestigious universities renowned for their academic excellence and practical teaching methods, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field.

But that’s not all – Australia’s focus on cross-cultural skills, communication, and global perspective will give you an edge when you enter the workforce. Let’s explore the many benefits of studying in Australia and how it can help you achieve your career goals.

Quality of Life and Education

You’ll find that Australia’s high quality of life and world-class education system make it an unbeatable study destination compared to other countries. Ranked as the second-best country globally for quality of life, Australia offers international students a safe and welcoming environment. Cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and Gold Coast, consistently rank among the top 100 best student cities. With lower living expenses and tuition fees compared to the USA and UK.

In addition to the fantastic quality of life, Australia is home to 6 of the world’s top 100 universities, making it a hub for academic excellence. Universities focus on practical knowledge and modern teaching styles, so you’ll gain a global perspective and develop cross-cultural skills while studying. The education system goes beyond classroom teaching, assessing students’ practical skills and ensuring they are prepared for real-world applications. With more than 15 Nobel laureates coming out of Australian universities, you know you’ll be receiving top-notch education here.

By choosing to study in Australia, you’re investing in a world-class education and a prosperous future. A diverse population exposes you to over 200 languages and dialects, enhancing your communication skills and expanding your global network. And with the opportunity to work up to 24 hours per week during your studies and 48 hours per week during holidays, you’ll gain valuable work experience and potentially earn a higher salary than in other countries.

So, when weighing your options, remember that Australia’s high quality of life, top educational institutions, and unbeatable experiences make it an unparalleled choice for international students.

Cultural and Job Opportunities

Immerse yourself in a diverse and vibrant culture while enjoying ample job opportunities that’ll enhance your career prospects on a global scale. Australia is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, with people worldwide calling it home. As an international student, you’ll have the chance to interact with people from various backgrounds, which will help you develop cross-cultural communication skills and a broader perspective. Australia’s strong economy and thriving job market also make it an ideal destination for graduates seeking rewarding employment opportunities.

While studying in Australia, you can take advantage of part-time work opportunities alongside your studies. This helps you financially and allows you to gain valuable work experience in your field. Australian employers value graduates with international exposure and practical experience, making your Australian education even more valuable. Furthermore, the Australian government offers post-study work visas for international graduates, giving you a chance to work and live in the country after completing your studies.

Australia’s mix of cultural diversity, world-class education, and thriving job market sets it apart from other study-abroad destinations. By studying in Australia, you’ll invest in your personal and professional growth, ultimately boosting your career prospects and enriching your life experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in this beautiful and dynamic country.

What is a Gap Year? A Complete Guide to Planning Your Adventure in Australia

You might wonder what a gap year entails and why it’s become such a popular choice for young people. Stick around as we’ll dive into the various benefits and opportunities that a gap year can offer and the challenges you might encounter along the way. So strap in and get ready to discover the exciting world of gap years in Australia and how this life-changing experience can lead to personal growth, unforgettable memories, and a renewed sense of purpose.

What is a Gap Year? Unpacking the Concept and Its Popularity in Australia

So, you’ve heard of a gap year in Australia, but let’s dive into what it’s all about, shall we? A gap year is a break from formal education or work, usually taken after completing high school or before starting university. It’s an opportunity to explore new experiences, travel, volunteer, or work on personal growth.

In Australia, the gap year concept has become increasingly popular among young adults looking for adventures and unique experiences before committing to further studies or a career path. During your gap year, you can participate in various activities that will help you gain new skills, learn about different cultures, and broaden your horizons.

Some people travel and immerse themselves in foreign environments, while others prefer to stay closer to home and engage in volunteer work or internships. Whatever you choose, the key is to make your gap year purposeful and meaningful. It’s a chance to discover your passions, boost your confidence, and develop essential life skills that will benefit you in the long run.

So, why not consider taking a gap year in Australia? With its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and ample opportunities for exploration, it’s an ideal place to embark on your gap year adventure. You’ll have the chance to create lasting memories, gain invaluable experiences, and ultimately, learn more about yourself and the world around you. Embrace the opportunity and make the most of this unique and exciting time.

Embrace the Adventure: Unveiling the Unique Benefits and Opportunities of a Gap Year in Australia

By taking some time off between high school and university, you’ll have the chance to explore various opportunities and experiences, ultimately enriching your personal growth and broadening your horizons. A gap year allows you to pursue interests you may not have had time for during your school years. You might choose to travel, volunteer, work, or explore a specific passion – the possibilities are endless. You can take the opportunity and go on a student visa for an English course and combine it with working and traveling. Another way is to go with a Work and Holiday visa that allows you to work in Australia for 1 year, travel and explore the country. 

You will learn more about yourself and gain valuable life skills and experiences that can benefit you in your future education and career. One significant benefit of a gap year is the opportunity to gain real-world experience through work or internships. This can help you develop essential professional skills, build your resume, and establish a network of contacts in your chosen field.

You’ll also better understand your career goals and preferences, making it easier to select a suitable course of study when you eventually start university. Employers often value candidates who have taken the initiative to gain practical experience, so your gap year could give you a competitive edge in the job market.

A gap year can also give you a much-needed break from the academic grind, allowing you to recharge and return to your studies with a fresh perspective and renewed motivation. Many students who take a gap year find they are more focused and disciplined when they return to education, leading to better academic performance and a more fulfilling university experience.

So don’t be afraid to take that leap and explore the world – you might just find that it’s the best decision you’ve ever made for your personal and professional growth.

So, you’ve made it to the end of our gap year guide. Now you know what a gap year is about and why Australia could be the perfect destination for your adventure. It’s time to take that leap and embark on a journey full of self-discovery, new friendships, and unforgettable experiences. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenges and opportunities a gap year offers.

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