Saying Farewell to the Covid Visa (Subclass 408): What You Need to Know

In this article, we’ll provide a friendly and informative summary of the details outlined in the official statement released by the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Clare O’Neil. Book a free consultation for more information about alternative visa options.


The Journey of the Pandemic Event Visa (Covid Visa 408):

Introduced in response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic, the Covid Visa (Subclass 408) has been a temporary avenue for individuals stranded in Australia due to travel restrictions. This visa allowed visa holders to remain in the country legally for an extended period of time, offering a sense of relief during uncertain times.


Closure of the Covid Visa:

In the announcement made by Minister Clare O’Neil, it was revealed that the Covid Visa (Subclass 408) program will be officially closed. The decision comes as the Australian government assesses the evolving situation and the gradual restoration of normal travel operations. The closure is in line with the government’s efforts to return to a pre-pandemic visa system and encourage individuals to consider regular visa pathways.


Implications for Visa Holders:

Visa holders under the  Covid Visa (Subclass 408) program will need to be aware of the timeline for its closure. If you have a Covid Visa, you can apply before February 2024 for a new one which will last 6 months and cost $405. If you do not have a Covid Visa, you can apply until September 1st before midnight only. Visa holders are advised to make necessary arrangements to depart the country or transition to an alternative visa category, if eligible. Your understanding and prompt action will ensure a smoother transition during this period of change.


Transitioning to Other Visa Pathways:

While the closure of the Covid Visa (Subclass 408) marks the end of this particular option, individuals who still wish to remain in Australia may explore alternative visa pathways that align with their circumstances. The official statement suggests reaching out to relevant immigration authorities for guidance on the most suitable visa options. Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our team members to discuss your student visa option and take advantage of our special promotion, “BYECOVID”.


As we bid farewell to the Covid Visa (Subclass 408), it’s important for affected individuals to stay informed about the closure details and transition to alternative visa options if necessary. The decision to close the visa program reflects the gradual return to normalcy and underscores the Australian government’s commitment to maintaining a robust and effective visa system.

For more detailed information and updates on visa regulations and requirements, be sure to refer to the official statement by Minister Clare O’Neil available on the Australian government’s official website or book a free consultation with us HERE.

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