“Design is arts and aesthetics. Design is so simple, which is why it is so magnanimous”

The design has become everything for the world. It is through design that we express and communicate. How do you define something? How do you make a difference in the life of your clients? If you love solving problems with artistry?

 If this is the perfect description of your itch to reshape the world with your ideas. Design is the perfect profession for you.

But where do you start? 

You start here! With us, where you will find all the information you need to start your career as a designer, and we stand by it when we Australia is the best place to do it.

Become a professional in Design in Australia

Australia has always been an abode for those who are instinctively creative. There are countless reasons why talents like you flock here to unlock their potential to create designs that inspire. You will not only enjoy your journey to becoming a successful designer but also have monetary fulfilment later due to the generous income and unbound opportunities.

Down below are a few of the many reasons why you should choose to study design in Australia:

  1. Institutions in Australia are global leaders in design education, research, and development.
  2. A design degree in Australia will condition domains including socio-culturalism, technology, and environmental studies. 
  3. Graduates from Australian art and design institutes are highly sought after due to the impressive reputation of Australia’s education system on a global basis.
  4. The local art in this country is an inspiration, you will be a part of a supportive clique that lets you grow as a design professional
  5. The Australian government grants support to artists and designers as a way of promoting the art and service industry. 
  6. An incredibly unique perk to studying in Australia is that you will have multiple opportunities to work as a student. You can work 20 hours a week on a regular day and 40 hours on the weekends or holidays.
  7. The demand for the design professional is always high in Australia and the rest of the world.
  8. Australia offers the highest salary for design services such as graphic design.

Key facts about the Design

As a professional designer with a degree from some of the best Australian institutions, you will hear “I would love to do what you do” from your friends. And there is a reason behind that.

  1. You have the ultimate power to turn thoughts into reality.
  2. Designers are visual magicians; with a good design certification you will be able to create out of the box results.
  3. The wage of the highest 10 percent of art directors went up to a whopping $170,230 and is expected to grow further. 
  4. With enough experience, fashion designers are likely to earn $67,420 as a median salary.
  5. Graphic designers and interior designer earn an average of $83,140 and $106,950 respectively


When you have crossed the threshold from creative appreciation to a realization- as a Graphic Designer you will have the ability to convert visions into products for perpetuity.

You will have the perfect channel to transform your inherent talent into a sustainable career through Graphic Designing.

As a Graphic Designer the world will be your oyster but with such a large pool of choices, you feel inherently pressured to choose the best for satisfying outcomes.

Graphic Design – FAQs

Why work as a Graphic Designer?

      A Graphic Designer is no longer an advantage to a company, He is a prerequisite.

  1. You get to glorify your creativity– There are no limitations for a Graphic Designer. You are not restricted to mining spreadsheets or answering emails. You are channelling your creativity to solve problems. You are constantly challenging yourself to find different ways to convey a message via visual expression.
  1. Each day is a new beginning- as a Graphic Designer, you will remain distant to the humdrum of a regular profession. Each day will bring in new provocations to provide authentic results for your client. 
  1. Graphic Designing is an orchestra of career pathways- You will have a lot to choose between an array of industries as a Bachelor of Graphic Design.

              Whether you are working in-house or for an agency, there are no bounds to what                you can do. You could be designing a label for a wine company one day and crafting posters for an election campaign the other. 

  1. Opportunities and high demand- Graphic Design is an incredibly competitive career indeed. However, the demand for good designers is always in perpetuity.  
  1. You can go casual– If you are curious to why Graphic Designing seems so ultra-cool- Because it is! There is no other profession besides Graphic Designing where the norms of workwear are so liberating. Even when you are working for an agency, you will have a modern office with ample opportunities to flex your new Puma Future Riders to the fullest.
  1. An altered view of the world- With Graphic Design every twig is a possible future. After you learn Graphic Design and its principles you perceive and appreciate the world differently.
  1. Learn as you work: if you are one for pushing your limits to the maximum, Graphic Design is the discipline for you. New tools, technologies and inspirations are constantly pouring in. 

           Through Graphic Design, you can learn even the most sequestered art of life. 

  1. Become a part of a warm community- Graphic Designers are constantly sharing their projects on platforms including, Behance, Dribble, and Cargo. The industry is amiable and opens channels of engagement where you receive feedback and appreciation for your work. It is a job for social junkies. You can be a part of a clique which will fuel your growth.  
  1. Create change- As a Graphic Designer, you will see your work make undeviating crystalline impacts in the world. The cognizance that your design is out there for people to see and use and interact with is a very satisfying one.
  1. A job that you will love- Life is cruel in the way that there is very less room for regrets, why then should you spend a significant something you do not love.

Graphic Design lets you practise your flair where you enjoy every second of it. 

If you are choosing Graphic Design as a career, you are choosing a life of inspirations and dynamics. 

Some interesting facts about a career as a Graphic Designer.

  1. The statistics from the Bureau of Labour show that there will be a whopping 13 per cent increase in the demands for Graphic Designers in 2020.
  2. The products and service of any industry or niche will remain redundant without visual marketing that a Graphic Designer provides. In other words, a Graphic Designer is the prerequisite of a business, big or small.
  3. With a Graphic Design certificate, you will stand out from the other designers. You will also have an edge if you have a strong power of visualizing information.
  4. Graphic Design was rated as the most suited career for those who prefer self-employment. 
  5. A website’s overall design is the number one factor that influences its credibility for the reader.
  6. A staggering 67 per cent of the small industries are willing to pay $500 for a single logo design while 18 percent of them might even pay $1000.
  7. Specialized design service is known to have the highest measure of employment in the Graphic Design industry.
  8. 14 percent of the total full-time Graphic Designers are hired by the manufacturing industry.
  9. In one of the statistics released by the Design management institute, design directed businesses outplayed the S & P between 2004 and 2014.
  10. It has been estimated that the computer system design industry and similar niches will have a 20 per cent increase in the employment rate for Graphic Designers between 2016 to 2026.

Which course is best for Graphic Design?

To select the best course, you will need to assess the amount of time and resources, level of commitment and the specific industry that you wish to work for. 

Best Diploma Graphic certificate and courses in Australia

  1. Certificate IV in Design
  2. Diploma of Design
  3. Certificate III in Design Fundamentals
  4. Diploma of Art and Design
  5. Diploma in Graphic Design

Best Bachelor of Graphic Design Courses in Australia

  1. Bachelor of Graphic Design
  2. Bachelor of Landscape Design (Honours)
  3. Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art)
  4. Bachelor of Digital Media (3D Design and Animation)

To select the best course, you will need to assess the amount of time and resources, level of commitment and the specific industry that you wish to work for. 

After taking these courses, you will be more adept at employing visual hierarchy, typography, and pictures to create messages that appeal visually and are easy to understand. 

Where can I study Graphic Design in Australia?

A Graphic Design certificate or degree not only enhances your chances of getting a design job, but it also fuels your level of income. 

Generally, advanced degrees in Graphic Design are more likely to succeed at landing jobs in reputable companies. 

The best-ranked universities offering Graphic Design course in Australia are:

  1. Griffith university
  2. Queensland University of technology
  3. RMIT university 
  4. University of South Wales
  5. Swinburne University of Technology

The realm of Graphic Designers is more diverse than any other profession and so is the Graphic Designer course for beginners in Australia.

Each curated to build your creativity and strengthen your soft skills to give you a competitive edge in the Graphic Design industry. 

What qualification do I need to be a Graphic Designer?

To start a career as a Graphic Designer in Australia, typically you will need specialisation in Graphic Design.

You can take a formal qualification in the form of either a Diploma of Graphic Design or a Bachelor of Graphic Design. 

Australia has abundant opportunities for a Graphic Designer to tap into. You can either take learning Graphic Design as a specialization or work your way to becoming a creative leader or art director. 

Is Graphic Design a good career?

This a very decisive quandary for many students and professionals alike.

Wondering if Graphic Design is still a good career option in 2020? Here are some reasons that make Graphic Design the best job in the world!

  1. What business on this planet does not need Graphic Designers? Without branding and promotional materials, a company will never have recognition or standing in the market which makes Graphic Designers imperative to running a successful business. 
  2. The Graphic Design business has gone up 3.5 per cent in the last three years and is projected to continue to rocket as more companies, start-ups emerge, creating more demand for your services. 
  3. When people see information in combination with graphics, they are 65 per cent more likely to retain it than if they were just provided with a text devoid of any visual representation. This statistic on its own says a lot about the potential opportunities that can be presented to you as a Graphic Designer. 
  4. Graphic Design is liberation! You could be working for NASA and a real estate company at the same time. There are no limitations to Graphic Design as a career.

What is a Graphic Designer’s salary in Australia?

If you are starting a career as a Graphic Designer in Australia, you can expect to earn a base salary ranging from A$45,000 to A$80,000 per year in an agency. 

Meaning your average salary as a Graphic Designer will be around A$66,266 per year. 

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Figure 1: Graphic Designer salary different cities in Australia

 If you choose to work as a freelance Graphic Designer, you can expect to earn around $70,000 per year. However, the statistic varies depending on the number of hours you will be working.  

What is the Graphic Design salary globally?

Australia, USA, and the UK are some of the highest paying countries for Graphic Designers.

Australia– an average salary for a Bachelor of Graphic Design in Australia can be estimated up to $48,376.

United States of America– the average salary for a Graphic Designer in the USA is estimated to be around $43,317.

United Kingdom– the average salary for a Graphic Designer in the UK can be estimated up to £22,209.

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Figure 2: Salary as a Graphic Designer according to job titles globally

What I can learn studying Graphic Design course in Australia?

Graphic Design has become the vanguard for all things marketing and branding. 

There are several options for Graphic Design courses for beginners in Australia. A bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design will teach the foundation and principles of design helping you unravel the elements of creativity and business marketing or branding.

If you choose to study Graphic Design in Australia, you must consider the following courses:

  1. Bachelor of Graphic Design/pathway to secondary education
  2. Bachelor of Arts [multimedia arts]/ [Graphic Design]
  3. Diploma of Graphic Design
  4. Advanced diploma in Graphic Design
  5. Associate degree in Graphic Design
  6. Certificate IV in Design.

What does a Graphic Designer look like?

Graphic Design is a unique job which requires constant bouts of creativity on the go.

Types of company hiring Graphic Designers more frequently include corporate, multimedia and print media.

As a Graphic Designer who needs a good grasp of the working of software programmes such as Photoshop, adobe illustrator, CorelDRAW, InDesign, etc.

Besides the technical skills, you need to hone your communications skills and understanding of different shades to produce the most jaw-dropping designs.

If you take a job as a Graphic Designer, you will never stop learning and thinking. 

What should I do to start a career as a Graphic Designer?

Checklist to start a successful career as a Graphic Designer:

  1. Build a strong understanding of the basics and foundation of Graphic Design.
  2. Learn necessary techniques for project thumbnails, all in one graphic illustration and storyboarding. 
  3. HTML/Design
  4. Develop a remarkable portfolio.

What are the best Graphic Design courses in Australia?

Australia presents graceful conditioning for those keen to learn Graphic Design and pursue it as a career. The core nature of the Graphic Design training in Australia is straightforward, ingenious, and animated for such minds. 

You can channel inspiration from the urban design, visual expression and even from the energetic street art. 

Australian National University in Canberra is one of the most prestigious institutions in Australia offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Graphic Design.

The Queensland Institute of Technology is another gateway for aspirants who wish to take the best courses in Graphic Design including Bachelor of Graphic Design in Australia.


The core concept behind Interior Design is enhancing anything and everything that is a part of an indoor space to make it look more pleasing and healthier.

In the event of rapid urbanization, the scope for Interior Designers and decorator has grown by a larger margin.

Homeowners love to attribute a certain sensuality to their spaces. Market trends speak highly of the growing demand for such professionals.

If you love shaping and modifying places, playing with aesthetics, and homogenising different pieces in a room, Interior Design and decoration is the right career path for you. 

Interior Design – FAQs

Why work as an Interior Designer?

  1. The promise of opportunities- there is a swift rise in the demand for Interior Designers in many industries. The changing times are conditioning the world to create abundant opportunities for you if you should choose the Interior Design as a career path.
  2. Perfect for those who live on the creative edge- if you enjoy having the ability to manipulate designs and shapes of an indoor space. If you love adding passion and personality to space. You will find no other career path to channel this creative energy besides Interior Design. 
  3. Learn through challenges- Each project you handle as an Interior Designer will engage your wits and imagination. Taking an Interior Design course in Australia will give you a professional edge to tweak up the earnings more.
  4. Interactions and networks- Interior Design is all about socializing with the clients, it is more than just a profession. clients love inviting that awesome designer who made their house a piece of art which was just a mundane space before, you will be opening bottles, making connections – ultimate networking with an element of fun!
  5. Bring a positive change- Within a given environment, you can manipulate and change the lives of people for the better, with Interior Design. Not many professions let you do that these days. Not many, eh? as an Interior Designer, you become a living catalyst of positive change.
  6. Be your boss- as an Interior Designer, you will be travelling and interacting with a lot of different experts from varied niches. It certainly is not a desk job, but a fusion of indoor and outdoor responsibilities that lets you learn new skills on the go.
  7. Exposure- you will be constantly working arm in arm with architects and engineers which is a big channel to networking and learning the basics of a few subsets that will help you create a more sustainable design for your clients.
  8. Obtain ideas- your designs will cater to the needs of your clients. However, certain clients have a unique vision which opens a whole new catalogue of ideas and inspirations for your future endeavours. 
  9. Socializing- a successful Interior Designer knows the art of mitigation. You learn a lot about peoples through their vision boards of how you want their indoor spaces to look like.
  10. Job satisfaction- while everybody dreams of doing what they love, how many of us can make it a reality in the face of crushing expectations and financial fulfilments. If you are someone who prefers to stick with this mantra instead of going through the motion of routine life, Interior Designing is the right career path for you.

Some interesting facts about a career as an Interior Designer.

  1. While many Interior Designers stick with design firms, there are others who have the option to work for themselves. 
  2. You will be constantly working with architects for designing a structure of a new building or remodelling a pre-existing one from scratch.
  3. The demand for Interior Designers goes up every day especially in countries like Australia.
  4. According to PayScale, as an Interior Designer, you should expect a salary ranging between AU$42,000 to AU$74,000 annually In Australia.
  5. You will certainly get your shopping fix if you are an Interior Designer. You will go on shopping sprees to buy new carpets, chairs, sofas and scouring through stores to find the best interior decorations for your clients.
  6. As an Interior Designer, you will become adept at reading minds, comprehending the inherent preferences of your clients. For instance, you will be learning the association of colours with emotions.
  7. Specialized design, architectural companies, wholesale trades and furniture stores are some of the largest employers of Interior Design.
  8. Despite the inconsistent economic cycle, the demand for Interior Designers goes higher and is predicted to keep soaring until 2028, typically in high-income areas.
  9. The growth rate is expected to be 4 per cent which is around two times higher than that of other occupations.
  10. The inventory of Interior Design specialization is vast which means you can explore a more specific niche within Interior Design depending on what you are passionate about.

Which course is best for Interior Design?

If you are choosing a career path as an Interior Designer, you need to consider certain variables including resources availability, time, level of commitment and the sector you are passionate about. 

Here is a list of the best Interior Designer courses you can choose from:

  1. Bachelor of fine arts (Interior Design)
  2. Associate of applied science 
  3. Diploma of Interior Design and decoration
  4. Bachelor of design
  5. Bachelor of design in interior architecture
  6. Bachelor of spatial design
  7. Associate in Interior Design and decoration
  8. Certificate IV in interior decoration

You might be looking for a career change or simply hoping to enhance your soft skills, these are the best Interior Design courses that offer significantly high job leads and even higher salary prospects all around the world.

Where can I study Interior Design in Australia?

Interior Design courses in Australia will equip you with the best tools to channel your knowledge of design principles. You will create highly sustainable designs for your customers, helping them enhance the quality of their lives. 

Upgrading your knowledge and skill sets is certainly the time spent wisely and highly recommended

Here is an aggregate of all the top institutions offering the best Interior Design courses in Australia:

  1. Whitehouse Institute of design (Interior Design) -Melbourne
  2. Raffles college of design and commerce – Sydney
  3. RMIT University – Melbourne
  4. Billy blue college of design – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
  5. International school of colour and design – Sydney, Melbourne
  6. Sydney design school – Sydney
  7. Coco republic design school – Sydney
  8. University of Technology Sydney – Sydney

If you choose to study Interior Design in Australia, you will have a troupe of mentors from leading industries on interior spaces. Leaning from the best you will have an edge in the Interior Design and decoration industry and access to recognized competitions as well as a bounty of scholarship programs.

What qualification do I need to be an Interior Designer?

To start a career as an Interior Designer in Australia, you will need a formal qualification. As a qualified professional with an Interior Design certification in Australia, you will have heavy traffic of employers interested in your services. You need to begin by undertaking a qualification in Interior Design.

These can be vocational degrees such as diploma of Interior Design and decoration or an undergraduate program such as Bachelor of Interior Design in Australia. 

In case, you want to go for specializations to accelerate your career further, you have an array of options. Some of which include working in textile design, production design for the film industry, kitchen design and so much more after you accumulate a master’s degree.

Most of the Interior Design courses in Australia magnify your theoretical knowledge along with practical guidance.

Is Interior Design a good career?

An absolute profession should excite and inspire you every day, while income is a criterion but professional satisfaction ways more heavily especially for those in the design industry. 

Adhering to that ideology, Interior Design is indeed a high-quality career option. You will have countless opportunities to solve simple and exigent problems for your clients. an Interior Designer rides on an adrenaline rush when it comes to exercising their inborn talents. Moreover, all the Interior Design courses in Australia are brief with abundant employment opportunities. 

According to the prediction of the BLS or the U.S. Bureau of labour statistics, there will be 4 percent job growth for Interior Designers up until 2028. A big chunk of designers works in the construction industry, that has enviable growth statistics. All these numbers translate that Interior Designer will see job growth in the years to come. 

What is the Interior Designer’s salary in Australia?

If you are wondering about the income side of the saga, we have you covered. 

As an entry-level designer in Australia (<1 year of experience), you can expect to earn AU$45,658 on an average. While an Interior Designer with more than 2 years of experience earns a total of AU$52,534. As you progress and your years of experience stack up the numbers in terms of salary go as high as AU$81,305, in Australia.

Moreover, Interior Designers in certain locations in Australia including Sydney and new south wales have 3.6 per cent more than the national average.

Melbourne and Victoria provide a 3.2 per cent higher average while the lowest, which is 9.9 percent less comes from Adelaide, south castle, and Queensland.

What is the Interior Design salary globally?

Learning about your professional worth can be quite an anxiety-inducing subject. The salaries of an Interior Designer depend on a lot of conditioning such as the types of the firm you are working for, the certification, the market, and the associated costs or rates.

United States- According to the International Interior Design association, the average income of a commercial Interior Designer in the United States is around $78,100.

United Kingdom- the average Interior Designer salary in the United Kingdom £35,199($44,759).

Australia- the Interior Designer salary in Australia goes as high as a whopping $80,584 per year. 

While some of the lowest paying countries for Interior Designers are India and China. 

What I can learn studying Interior Design courses in Australia?

Interior Designers are individuals who have a keen eye for design and the ability to integrate colours, fixtures, furnishings to create a more sensual and aesthetically pleasing indoor space for their customers. 

If you choose to study Interior Design in Australia, you will be learning to work in robust computer software such as AutoCAD and photoshop which are crucial tools for creating professional concepts and drawing of how you want a project space to look like. 

If you have made up your mind to go through with an interior decoration course in Australia, here a few qualifications that are worthy of your consideration:

  1. Diploma of Interior Design
  2. Bachelor of Interior Design(residential)
  3. Bachelor of Interior Design(commercial)
  4. Diploma of Interior Design and decoration
  5. Certificate IV in Interior Design

What does a job as an Interior Designer look like?

Most Interior Designers prefer to link their works to firms. The reason we stress on the fact that you should consider pursuing an Interior Design course in Australia because 28 per cent of the employers among others belong to specialized design services.

As a professional Interior Designer, you will be curating a personalized schedule to meet all the deadlines of your clients and even go business dates with them to know more about how they want the final work to look like.

Good communication and technical skills, flexibility, precision, and detail, as well as troubleshooting, are some of the common traits among Interior Designers who made it big in life.

What should I do to start a career as an Interior Designer?

The steps to becoming an Interior Designer are brief and it becomes an adventure when you are passionate about it as a career option.

You must begin by comparing institutions to assess which is the right one for you. Once you have an interior certification in Australia, you should start sticking upon experience by bidding on new projects. Once you start producing fulfilling results in the form of sustainable designs for your clients. you will have several incoming opportunities to up the income with a profession you love.

What are the best Interior Design courses in Australia?

Australia is a sanctuary for the creative mind, a country with unending inspirations and channels to hone your skill further. The growing need for innovative residential design and some of the top-ranked universities offering the best Interior Design courses.

Some of the best places you can study Interior Design in Australia include the Whitehouse institute of design which stresses more on industry connections or the Sydney design school which will prepare you best for the real world with some of the most challenging projects on Interior Design.