Can an International Student Change a Course?

Read below for some frequently asked questions with answers that might help you in your journey of finding that perfect course for you or changing your current course.



Am I allowed to change my course at my institution?

The answer is yes. You can definitely change a course at the same institution, as long as it is at the same level as your current course of study. For example, if you are studying a Bachelor of Accounting, you can change to the same level of course e.g. Bachelor of Design. Speak directly to your institution to make arrangements for it. You don’t need to apply for another visa to do this, except when your current student visa is about to expire.


What should I do if I am having difficulty in my studies and I am not enjoying my course?

Make use of your institution’s services such as a counselling program or speak to your international student advisor or academic advisor. They can provide support in determining the course of actions relevant to your current academic situation. This may include guiding you on how to manage your time and how to improve your marks. If you are having difficulty in terms of stress and mental health issues that might be affecting not just your studies but your life in general, they can also refer you to a qualified professional (e.g. student counsellor or general practitioner)


Is it possible for me to transfer to another institution?

If you are less than six months in the course:
The answer is yes. To do this, you will need to speak to your institution and secure permission from them. You need to apply for a “release letter” where you will be stating your reasons for transferring. This document will be needed by your new institution and when successful, you will be given a Confirmation of Enrolment which they will be submitting to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
Take note, however, that your current institution has the right to refuse your request or that your new institution may restrict you from enrolling, considering that you haven’t fulfilled six months of study for which your student visa was granted. This explains why you need a genuine and compelling reason behind your decision to transfer.


If you are more than six months in the course:
Yes, you are allowed to transfer to another institution if you have been studying for more than six months in your course. You also don’t need a release letter from your institution, but you need to withdraw from your course and be accepted to the new course in your new institution.
Australia Study is able to help you should you need assistance and further information on this process. Our friendly team will be able to give you advice on the steps to take and the institutions where you can apply for your new chosen course.


Will changing courses affect my Student Visa?

Changing courses may affect your student visa as it impacts your course load as well as the duration of your course of study. Your visa may be cancelled if you are not anymore studying at the level for which you have been granted a visa. Visit the Department of Home Affairs guide to changing courses for more information.

You may also seek professional advice from a qualified education consultant in order to make sure that you are on the right track.


Can I move to a lower level of study?

You will need to apply for another student visa if you want to move to a lower level of study (e.g. from Bachelor to Diploma; or from Master to Bachelor).


What happens if I decide to take a break from my studies?

While you are holding a student visa in Australia, you are expected to follow its terms and conditions, and that includes attending your classes and passing your subjects. Therefore, if you are not studying, it may result in the cancellation of your visa.


Nevertheless, it is possible to take a break from your studies, only if you have a genuine and compelling reason for deferring your course. As this will affect your course and marks, it will also be affecting the completion date of your course. As such, your visa needs to be extended in order to complete the course.


You will need to inform your institution and then they will be advising the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) on your decision. However, it is important to take note that the DHA will have the final decision on this matter and extensions cannot be guaranteed by your institution.

Study IT in Sydney and take the first steps in your career

Study IT in Sydney and gain experience

Many universities in the world have an attractive educational offers in the IT field. So why do young people choose to study in Sydney? Before we explain it, we want to say a few words about why you should learn IT.


Advantages of studying IT

The significant advantage of IT is that this is a very important sector in the modern labour market. That is why studying in the field of IT opens many doors to your dream career. In addition, IT degrees are diverse. So you can do what interests you. During such studies, you will learn the basics of programming or design. The number of jobs that you can do after such studies is vast.

A significant advantage of IT studies is the possibility of finding a very well-paid job after them. Salaries in the IT industry are among the highest in the world. Notably, IT skills allow you to find a job in the amount that will be most comfortable for you. They also allow you to work entirely remotely. After such studies, everything will depend on you.


Why study IT in Sydney?

Australian universities are famous for their high level of teaching and the use of the latest technological solutions. So in Sydney, you will be sure that you will get to know all the latest IT tools. In such studies, a lot of emphases is placed on practical skills. Therefore, in Sydney, you will gain experience that will provide an excellent foundation for your future career. The ability to navigate an international environment is also essential in IT. When you study in Sydney, you automatically learn to work with people from all over the world.


Where to study in Sydney – the best choices for IT

If you are wondering where to study IT in Sydney, read the text below. We describe the best universities for you.


1. University of Technology Sydney


This state university was founded in the 80s of the last century. However, the very roots of this institution go back even further. This university combines centuries-old tradition, decades of knowledge development, and innovation. There is a separate Faculty of Information Technology. You can learn the following areas there:

  • business analysis and information systems,
  • computer science,
  • data analytics/mining,
  • games, graphics, and multimedia,
  • IT management and leadership,
  • networking and security,
  • software development and programming,
  • systems design and analysis, web and cloud computing.

The University of Technology Sydney also offers postgraduate courses. It is also possible to take them online. So, The University of Technology Sydney is the best place for people who want to join the IT world.


2. University of New South Wales


Another great place to study IT is the University of New South Wales. Although this university was founded in 1949, its history dates back to 1843. Its creators wanted to create a strictly technical place. Today, the university is very versatile and includes fine arts and law faculties. However, it is still famous for its very high level of teaching in IT. At the University of New South Wales, you can study various fields connected to IT. Among them, computer hardware engineering and computer science & software engineering are worth mentioning. At this university, there are also more interdisciplinary studies. One of them is data science. Another important thing is that young students from around 128 countries study at this university.


3. The University of Sydney


Of course, we must remember The University of Sydney. It is the oldest institution of higher education in Australia. Importantly, it is also the second-best university in this country. In the prestigious ranking of the 200 best universities in the world, The University of Sydney is ranked 37th. This university has already educated five Australian Prime Ministers. The University of Sydney focuses on a very high level of student independence. So, you can be sure that you will gain practical skills.

Choose your future and study IT. It will allow you to take the first steps in your career! In Sydney, you will be learning alongside young people from all over the world. In this city, many opportunities are waiting for you.

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