Hospitality Management

“When I offer hospitality, something amazing happens–so much more than I have anything to do with. An exchange takes place. Our guests bring who they are with them and enlarge our lives in their offerings.”

Janice Peterson

Hospitality Management is one of the most phenomenal role players for the tourism industry, which is already considered a giant sector in Australia. Predictions considering the employment rates for the hospitality sector look bright and promising for aspirants and those hungry for career advancement opportunities. A career in the vibrant hospitality enterprise will give you ample opportunities to find a job within Australia and overseas. Studying Hospitality Management courses awards with outstanding employment opportunities. Jobs in Hospitality are genuinely diverse; you can work in bars and cafés, events, festivals, hotels, restaurants, the wine industry, agriculture, and more.

Hospitality in the broadest sense of the term is simply an opportunity to show love and care. It can be understood as the cordial and generous reception of guests and the way people treat others. Hospitality Management as a profession is exceptionally inclusive, allowing aspirants to choose between several work settings, including hotels, casinos, parks, restaurants and even cruise lines! If you are on this page, it is most likely that you are aware of the reason behind the hype the hospitality industry receives. A large chunk of the on-site job includes dealing with guests or customers directly. However, there is a fair share of the operations that occurs backstage. Some of your “in the background role,” can include marketing, sales, and accounting.

Which hospitality courses are best in Australia?

There is an increase in international visitors to the Land Down Under (Australia). Therefore, the demand for trained workers in Hospitality will always be high. If you like working with people, organize events, and work in a multitasking environment, then this path will be a dream come true. Taking up a Hospitality Management courses will level up your skills and qualifications. There are many options to choose from:

Top Channels in Australia for Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality

Top Channels in Australia for Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality:

  • Griffith University
  • The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
  • Edith Cowan University.
  • La Trobe University.
  • International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)
  • Kaplan Business School.
  • University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  • Victoria University.
  • Torrens University and Flight Centre Travel Academy
  • William Angliss
  • Evolution Hospitality Institute
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • AHTS
  • Salford College
  • PTG Training (Sydney + Gold Coast)
Top bachelor’s in hospitality

Top bachelor’s in hospitality:

Bachelor’s degrees in Hospitality Management prepare for business strategies in the tourism industry. The course will prepare you to manage hospitality roles, including food quality, accommodation, and guest entertainment services. All roles are garnered towards making you adept at gathering unparalleled customer satisfaction rates.

  • Bachelor of Culinary Management, Torrens University, Sydney
  • Bachelor of Event and Tourism Management, University of Canberra
  • Associate Degree in Business (Hospitality Management), Torrens University, Adelaide
  • Graduate Diploma of Event Management, Torrens University, Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management), Kaplan Business School, Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Business, Accounting and Law, Melbourne
  • B.B.A. of International Hotel and Resort Management
  • Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney
  • B.A. of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Academies Australasia, Sydney
Master of Hospitality Management

Master’s degree

  • Master of Hospitality Management & International Tourism – Master of Business Administration

TAFE Courses

  • Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316
  • Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616
  • Certificate IV in Hospitality SIT40416
  • Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50416
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT60316

Online courses

  • Certificate of Adventure Tourism
  • Certificate of Bushcraft and Survival
  • Certificate of Ecotourism Management
  • Certificate of Food and Beverage Service
  • Certificate of Hospitality and Gaming
  • Certificate of Hospitality Management
  • Certificate of Hotel Management
Some of the best providers in Hospitality Training

Short Courses

Some of the best providers in Hospitality Training are:

  • Institute of Training and Further Education (iTFE),
  • Hospitality Alliance Training, and
  • Australian Professional Skills Institute.

They offer several short courses in hospitality that will provide students with a quick and effective way to learn specific skills that will improve confidence, effectiveness, and efficiency in a hospitality environment:

  • Barista Training Course
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Cafe Culture
  • Espresso Coffee Making
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Decision Making CRS1400755
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Leadership CRS1400756
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Management CRS1400756
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Management CRS1400742
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Food and Beverage Management CRS1400743
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Gastronomy CRS1400744
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Marketing CRS1400750
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Marketing
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Hospitality Financial Management CRS1400749
  • Hotel and Hospitality, University 1st and 2nd Year (Level 4 and 5)
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • Advance Diploma of Hospitality
  • Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Barista Coffee (Level 1)
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Food Safety Handler (Level 1)

Where can you study hospitality?

The best providers for Hospitality courses in Australia are:

Which hospitality courses are in demand in Australia?

There is always a high demand for Wait and Bar Staff in hospitality management. Undertaking one of the above mentioned gives you excellent career opportunities.

Is the hospitality sector well developed in Australia?

Before the year 2020, the tourism market in Australia has been booming for years, and as a result, also the hospitality sector. Restrictions of COVID-19 froze tourism in the country. Tourism is what drives the hospitality industry. When there no tourists, there is no income. So, you might be under the impression that it’s over. But the first question we need to ask ourselves: Is the place attractive to tourists?’ In the case of Australia, the answer is a BIG “yes”. Therefore, as soon as the travel restrictions are gone, the stream of tourists will flow to the country again. Many investors are using this time to developing hospitality services in Australia, meaning there will be even more work possibilities in the industry than ever before. So, the future of hospitality in Australia is bright!

hospitality manager
working in hospitality

Which subjects are required for hospitality?

Subjects needed for hospitality management:

  • English Communication.
  • Food Production.
  • Food & Beverage.
  • House Keeping.
  • Front Office.
  • Accounting.
  • Business Law.
  • Nutrition and Food Science.

Is hospitality management a good career option in Australia?

Hospitality management can lead you to many career options. It covers a spectrum of diverse sectors and reveals a wide range of skills. After getting a hospitality qualification you can work front-of-house involving a lot of customer services, as a Hotel General Manager, or back-of-house as an Executive Chef, it also includes job roles including- receptionist, chef, manager, housekeeper, bartenders, equipment handlers and many more. Hospitality studies equip you with relevant skills to work in the industry, especially with excellent service professions.

If you like working with people, career paths in hospitality grant remarkably fascinating work in a friendly atmosphere in Australia! If you love to make others happy by being generous and polite – hospitality is the best career for you. Hospitality includes entertaining the guests, visitors, or strangers and making them comfortable. There is never routine in this work; every day looks different.

What are the highest paying jobs in hospitality?

A person working in Hospitality in Australia typically receives about AU$60,600 per year. Wages vary from AU$25,000 (waiter, bartender) (the lowest average) to AU$169,000 (the highest average).

Using data from BLS and Salary.com, Monster created a list of some highest-paying hospitality jobs:

  • Hotel Manager $85,465 per year
  • Restaurant Manager $62,285 per year
  • Chef Manager $100,000 per year
  • Executive chef $92,849 per year
  • Executive pastry chef
  • Casino Property General Manager
  • Regional Chief
  • Event Coordinator
  • Head of Housekeeping
  • Chief Sommelier

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