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“Finding joy and passion in the work they do is what propels travel agents to succeed. It’s this love for their work that drives agents to be the best that they can be. That passion is contagious and encourages others to seek them out for travel too!”

Tony Hsieh, Zappo’s Founder & CEO

Travelling truly changes your perception of what the world is, the culture you knew, the food you ate, the way you interacted- every action you took seems irrelevant and tiny compared to that experience. You drift through continents, hear languages, suspend all operations called thought. You walk around in that strange country, dazed, holding your scrunched map. Then you realize there is so much to unravel. Snapping you back into reality, travelling, and facilitating that experience for tourist or traveller, are two completely different but equally enjoyable experiences.

Think for a moment- what profession appeals to you the most. In the context of our earlier philosophical blabbering, working in the travel and tourism industry seems like the most appealing career outcomes. It does for so many, which further explains the heavy competition among aspirants to get a position in the industry. In response to the growing labour market demand for skilled workers in the travel and tourism industry, studies in recreation, travel and tourism courses were created. The job range within this industry ranges from being involved in hotel management and culinary arts to event coordinators and aviation staff. In fact, the gorgeous nation of Australia ranks in the top three list of the countries that welcome the most international students, professionals, and travellers in the world. It isn’t so hard to understand that working as a travel and tourism professional in Australia is the ultimate dream of many. However, to beat the competition and to be recognized as a competitive applicant, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of the industry.

What do you study in travel and tourism courses?

A study in travel and tourism courses embraces everything from transportation services to entertainment and recreational activities. Students gain familiarity with products, structures, and operations within the tourism industry, studying tour operators, airlines, hotels, tourist attractions. A course in travel and tourism covers several types of careers, from service to executive positions. It will provide you with the skills needed to handle booking flights and hotels; it will enhance your customer service skills and make you a multitasker champion. You will learn how tourism influences society locally, nationally, and globally.

How do I become a travel agent in Australia?

  1. Complete a Certificate III in Travel (SIT30216). You may also study a travel course at a diploma, bachelor, or master’s degree level, including a business management component.
  2. Gain accreditation with the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS).
Study in travel and tourism courses
travel and tourism a good course

Are travel and tourism a good course?

Students of travel and tourism courses have countless career possibilities in the fast-growing industry of travel and tourism. It is a field with a lot of practical work and a lot of learning about people and different cultures. In Australia, tourism is one of the most fertile areas’ in the employment landscape. The professional courses in travel and tourism equip students with the operational tools and skills necessary to work in the tourism sector at an international and local level. The hospitality and tourism industry offers a lucrative career for hard-working individuals.

Is it easy to get a job in travel and tourism in Australia?

The travel and tourism industry in Australia is enormous. Enriched with a myriad of natural wonders, an abundance of wildlife, golden sand, and blue waters with the sound of splashing waves, 10,685 beaches, cosmopolitan metropolises, and large expanses of the outback with 500 national parks and 8,222 islands is one of the most desirable travel destinations. For so many great reasons, everyone dreams of visiting Australia at least once in their lifetime. No wonder that the travel industry is booming in this country, and there are endless work opportunities in this field.

Which course is best in Travel and Tourism course in Australia?

Bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism

  • Griffith University
  • The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
  • Edith Cowan University.
  • La Trobe University.
  • International College of Management Sydney (ICMS)
  • Kaplan Business School.
  • University of Tasmania (UTAS)
  • Victoria University.
  • Torrens University and Flight Centre Travel Academy

Top Master’s Degrees

  • Online MBA International Hotel Leadership, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney,
  • Master of Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Leadership), Kaplan Business School, Adelaide
  • M.A Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  • Master of Tourism (Research), University of Canberra, Canberra
  • Master of International Hotel Management, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney
  • Master of Marketing, International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business School, Brisbane

VET Courses

  • Certificate IV in Guiding, TAFE NSW Institutes
  • Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management [Melbourne], William Angliss Institute of TAFE
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management, TAFE Western Australia
  • Certificate III in Travel, Australian Pacific College
  • Certificate III in Tourism, TAFE Western Australia
  • Certificate III in Travel, TAFE Western Australia
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management, Australian Pacific College
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management, TAFE South Australia
  • Certificate III in Tourism (092092G), Sydney Business and Travel Academy
  • Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism, Academies Australasia Polytechnic Pty
  • Certificate III in Travel (090938D), Canberra Institute of Technology

Short Courses

  • Pre-opening a Hotel, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney, Australia
  • Catering and Cooking, Sydney, Australia
  • Event Management, International Career Institute (ICI), Sydney
  • Hospitality Management, International Career Institute (ICI), Sydney
  • Travel and Tourism, International Career Institute (ICI), Sydney
  • Travel and Tourism Management, International Career Institute (ICI), Sydney

What jobs can you get in tourism?

Graduates of travel and tourism can work both in the private and public sectors. There are many job opportunities, and everyone will find the most exciting position for themselves.

Some popular job profiles in travel and tourism are:

  • Holiday/ Travel Agent
  • Travel Executive
  • Tourism Manager
  • Travel Officer/ Coordinator
  • Airlines/ Ground Staff
  • Tourist Guide
  • Transport Officer
  • Travel Counselor/ Consultant
  • Tour Operator
  • Cruise ship Director
  • Spa Manager
  • Sommelier

What are the salaries in travel and tourism in Australia?

The average salary in Hospitality and Tourism in Australia is around AU$60,600 per year. Salaries range from AU$23,000 (lowest average) to AU$170,000 (highest standard, the actual maximum wage is higher).

Salaries of some of the other relevant job roles in the industry are as follows:

  • Travel Counselor – The national average salary for a Travel Counselor is $53,254 in Australia.
  • Travel Consultant – The national average salary for a Travel Consultant is $36,801 in Australia.
  • Travel Agent – The national average salary for a Corporate Travel Agent is $49,930 in Australia.
Jobs you can get in tourism

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