Information Technology

“Information Technology is a profession that can do the job of almost all other professions.”

The vast potential behind Information Technology as a future proof career option is better understood with the awareness that human minds are embedded in a bigger ecosystem of consciousness. Our biology and psychology both belong to a network of information technology that runs on societal, neural, and genetic codes. When we look at a profession that is so tightly bound to our very nature, it becomes easier to understand that the right academic tools can lead to an absolute zenith both in terms of career satisfaction and growth.

According to the estimates by the Australian Department of Employment, the next five years will see an extraordinarily strong influx of success rates in the IT sector. The digitalized era is nudging corporations to move towards employing digital assets. It is estimated that the cybersecurity sector will draw in a revenue totalling up to $6 billion in six years.

The Information Technology industry portrays a dynamic workplace environment. The phenomenal impact garnered by the industry on the global economy and society remains unparalleled. However, being successful in a profession warrants a deep understanding of the subject, and IT is no different. Hop on to the wagon to become a part of an Industry that never disappoints!

What are the best it courses in Australia?

 Australia stands at the upper echelons when it comes to offering the highest standards of education. Obtaining graduation from an Australian IT institute makes you the crème de crème among other candidates. One of the biggest reasons behind such a phenomenal recognition is the fact that the Australian government puts in ample resources and efforts to ensure that the education system maintains its integrity and standards at all costs.

According to the Skill Shortage Occupation List made by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, computer science & engineering graduates and software/IT, professionals are very desirable. To choose the best course for you, think about your career goals and the qualifications required for it. Find out what you enjoy day-to-day – maybe this could be part of a future job role?

The best Diplomas and Certificates for Human Resources in Australia:
  1. RMIT University
  2. Monash University
  3. Queensland University of Technology
  4. University of Technology Sydney
  5. University of Wollongong 
Best Diploma IT certificate courses in Australia
  1. Diploma in Computer Science & Information Technology
  2. Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  3. Advanced Diploma of Network Security
  4. Diploma of Information Technology Networking
The best online courses in Human Resources:
Best Bachelor of IT Courses in Australia
  1. Bachelor of Information Technology Major Applied Computer Science
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology Major Information Systems Development
  3. Bachelor of Information Technology Major Networking & Security
  4. Bachelor of Information Technology Major Data Analytics 

What is the best way to study IT?

There are many courses and trainings which lead you to IT certificates or bachelor’s degree. You can also undertake various short courses or online courses. However, to reach mastery in IT, you need to learn a lot by yourself. Institutions may set up the background for your growth, create the environment to boost your education. Finally, you can get to know people that will accelerate your progress by teamwork. But you should be willing to commit yourself to a process of lifetime learning and working long hours alone. The IT industry is dynamic. New products and technologies appear literally every month. It’s very crucial to keep your skills up to date – read industry magazines, websites, and blogs and also play around with hardware or software. It is really the only way to be a technology leader in the future. In fact, most high-tech software companies have been started by a student in a dorm room somewhere. So, keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in your spare time – and you may end up creating remote health monitoring to save somebody’s life, Extended Reality for entertainment, or the next social network. Your self-motivation and determination will be your best guide. An ideal programmer not only wants to solve the case but is passionate about solving the problem in the best way and works on it tirelessly.  

What skills should I learn in 2021?

Information Technology has undoubtedly become a widespread career outcome. However, there are specific skills on the barometer that will enable you to achieve better recognition and acquisition of your career goals. Here are some characteristics and skills that are pertinent to pursuing a profession in IT:  

  1. Blockchain technology
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. 5G
  5. Voice Technology & NLP
  6. AR & VR
  7. Big Data analytics
  8. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  9. Robotic Process Automation 
  10. Machine Learning

What are the best it courses in Australia?

The rapid increase in available information has made studying information technology in Australia a good choice for students interested in the technicalities associated with storing, retrieving, and transmitting data. 

To find a brilliant career as a programmer, network professional, technical support, security specialist, and more in a variety of areas – from aerospace, banking, health, and computing, through to e-commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications, and travel you can undertake one of the following IT courses:

Best Master's Degrees in Human Resources in Australia 2021
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Advanced Diploma in Computer System Engineering
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
  • Diploma of Applied Technologies
  • Diploma of Information Technology Networking
Undergraduate Courses
  • Associates Degree in Engineering Technology
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business (Information Systems)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Data Science
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
Postgraduate Courses
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Information Technology
  • Master of Analytics
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Cyber Security
  • Master of Data Science

What are the qualifications to be an IT professional?

As we established before, the choices when it comes to choosing a sub-domain within the Information technology industry are numerous. To gain access to the industry, obtaining a relevant course in IT is the first essential step you must take. A Bachelor’s degree in information technology is the most typical channel to begin the journey of becoming an IT professional. As you move up the ladder, An associate’s or Master’s degree are the most reliable tools to facilitate career advancement. Understandably, it is scary to think about what it takes to keep you afloat while you move step by step into the workplace. Following that sentiment, both academic and professional goals become easier when your environment facilitates the sail, which is one of the primary causes behind why so many aspirants choose Australia as their destination both for achieving the required qualifications and for obtaining the desired professional seat.

Are IT jobs in demand?

As the corporate world catches up with the tech wagon, more and more companies collect professionals who can optimize the competition while also keeping the organization aligned with the upgrades. The information technology industry stands at the heart of the growing demand, naturally. Web development, data analyst/scientist, system architect, software engineers, full-stack developer, and project manager are some of the most lucrative, evergreen, and in-demand job roles within the Information Technology sector.

What is an IT job salary in Australia?

It is no secret that IT professionals receive higher annual salaries compared to those who work in other industries. In Australia, you can expect to earn from A$54,000 up to even A$156,000 per year. It depends on how diverse and specialized your technical skills, the field you work in, your experience, and your location. 

What is an IT technician’s salary?

The nationally recognized Certificate III and Certificate IV enable you with technical as well as computing skills to cement your career prospects in the information technology industry. Some specialized areas have an excessive amount of demand. The average salary you can get for “information technology” ranges from approximately A$63.000 yearly for Technical Support Representative to A$95.000 annually for Director of Information Technology. 

IT managers have a much-higher-than-average earning potential, and jobs are expected to grow at the faster-than-average rate of 10 percent through 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Here are a few examples of the IT management courses you can take:

  • Information Technology Systems Analysis
  • IT Operations Management
  • Risk Management and Business Continuity
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Information Technology Project Management