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“The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.”

Massimo Vignelli

Web development is a profession of the future. Its presence has proliferated as the world, and its operations are beginning to assume a complete picture of technology. A website of today is a channel of countless opportunities, in every sense of that sentiment. Technology is what defines us in the present times, from the most straightforward applications to the most cutting-edge inventions. A web developer stands at the heart of this revolution. From a simple analysis of the present stance of the web development sector, it is clear that this career outcome is one of the more smart, strategic decisions you can make to future proof your career. However, to stand at the forefront within this sector, a web developer needs to follow the traditional route of academics and experience. That’s where we come in, to give you a comprehensive picture of what it takes to become a maestro in the age of the Internet. Follow along!

What’s it like to be a Web Developer?

If you love coding, problem-solving, and web technologies, this role will be fantastic for you. Inevitably you will need to pick up new technologies very quickly and treat them as both a challenge and an advantage at the same time. You will learn as you move further in the profession that rules are meant to be broken here. Web development is all about bold thinking. It nudges you to take the road less traveled and create something unique. You need to play your beat, maintain the flare of uniqueness to stand out as a web developer. In web development, as compared to any other technical field, you have to always be on your toes to learn the new technical solution and adapt yourself.

What skills should I have to be a Web Developer?

A Web Developer specializes in the development of websites and other web-based content. To begin your journey as a web developer, you will need to learn three primary languages pertinent to web development- HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We like to call these three languages of programming the holy trifecta of web development! Many Web Developers specialize in either Front End (user-facing) or Back End (server-side) development or may be proficient in both, which is known as a Full Stack Developer. You can also become a Mobile Developer – someone who develops mobile applications.

  • For front-end developers, two of the most popular frameworks now are React and Vue. Front end development is the most efficient and straightforward channel to crack the code of web development.
  • For back-end development, Node.js and Express are leading in popularity. Python’s Django and Flask are also in use. Back-end development is what we call the- “behind the scenes part of web development.” Node.js is remarkable for its speed and enables developers to be more productive. It is highly customizable, and developers can do just about anything when using this framework.
  • Developers now must be able to build modular CSS components of their own that can be used and reused in a single project.
  • It is necessary to know how to integrate AI in development to make the task more efficient and less time-consuming.
Web Developer
Web Developer
the difference between a Web Developer and a Designer
Developer and a Designer

What is the difference between a Web Developer and a Designer?

  • A Web Developer is programming code for the website, either from scratch or by adapting existing website content. It involves writing in different programming languages and developing applications and functionality for the internet. They are engaged with the technical and graphical aspects of a website – how it works and how it looks, and also with the maintenance and update of an existing site.
  • A Web Designer is a graphic artist who works with creativity and imagination and is responsible for the design and the overall layout and look of the website. 

How to Become a Web Developer?

Web development is designed to be a profession for opportunistic, innovative, and resilient aspirant. Much like any other profession, it too demands a requirement that will enable you to put your best put forward as a web developer.

Begin by sorting out the specific stream of web development that you are most keen to pursue and one that suits your inherent skills. Web development is a fluid field that offers various career outcomes. However, the basics for all remain somewhat similar. Typically, aspirant web developers begin their journey with the three most primary programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript. University will teach you fundamental concepts of programming at a fundamental level. As you pursue higher courses, you will learn both the theory and practical aspects of becoming a successful web developer. Both academics and putting in your own time to practice the web strategies will help you stand out in the crowd. Be prepared to show off your skills rather than only a piece of paper. However, holding a degree does make a difference to employers; it shows three things:

  • You have been able to commit to achieving the goal.
  • You have managed to follow a specific structure.
  • You are proficient enough in a field to be paid for it.

Be adaptable and able to pick up new techniques. Have good interpersonal and communication skills. Keep up to date with advances in computer technology and how this affects the business environment. Look to secure a placement in an internship program while studying. Complete a qualification in computer science with a focus on web development.

How to Become a Web Developer
Become a Web Developer
Best Bachelor of Web Development Courses in Australia
Bachelor of Web Development Courses

The Best Bachelor of Web Development Courses in Australia:

  1. Bachelor of Advanced Information Technology with a Major in Web and Mobile App Development – Macquarie University.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Mobile and Web Application Development Honours – Murdoch University
  3. Bachelor of Information Technology (Web Design and Development) – University of Wollongong
  4. Bachelor of Business Information Systems – Education Centre of Australia (ECA)
  5. Bachelor of Information Technology – Education Centre of Australia (ECA)
  6. Bachelor of Applied Information Technology SBAIO, Melbourne

The Best Diploma Web Development certificate and courses in Australia:

  1. Diploma of Website Development – TAFE Queensland
  2. Certificate IV in Web Based Technologies – TAFE NSW
  3. ICT40315 Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies – TasTAFE
  4. Diploma of Website Development – Holmeglen 
  5. Diploma of Website Development – Box Hill Institute
  6. Website Development Course – TAFE Western Australia
  7. Mobile and Web Application Development (Honours) BSc (Hons) – Murdoch University. 
  8. ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development – Melbourne
  9. Diploma of Applied Information Technology – Melbourne
  10. ICT40315 Certificate IV In Web-Based Technologies – Melbourne

Is Web Development a Good Career Choice?

Web development tops the list when it comes to the hottest careers in the Information Technology industry. The demand for competent web developers is so phenomenal that it can perhaps be safely considered as one of the most critical skills in current times. Look at the world, think about who runs it? A majority of the leaders that make the crème de la crème of the present era belong to the tech industry. We are driven by the innovations and services offered by platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It then isn’t too hard to understand why web development is such a lucrative profession, eh? The market predictions show strong patterns of the employment rates to shoot up significantly in the next few years. If you are thinking of future-proofing your career and joining an industry that is full of exciting updates that will also stimulate the lives of many in the long run, we say web development is your best bet!

Are Web Developers happy?

In all honesty, web development is best described as a career concentrated with too many Eureka moments when you will be able to figure out your end game pretty quickly as well as times when your roadblocks would haunt your upcoming projects. In terms of monetary satisfaction, there is an unprecedented happiness rating in this sector. Being a web developer gives you both opportunities and autonomy to channel your creativity.

Web Development a Good Career Choice
Web Development a Good Career

What can I earn as a Web Developer in Australia?

An early career Web Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total of A$110.000. Apart from your experience, your earnings depend on the location where you work.  The best salaries you can get in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales – A$110.000.

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