Living and Accommodation Options for English Language Students in Australia

As part of planning for a successful learning experience, finding suitable accommodation plays an integral role in promoting a comfortable and conducive environment for effective language acquisition.

Studying in Australia

Australia continues to be a premier destination for international students seeking to enhance their English language skills. As part of planning for a successful learning experience, finding suitable accommodation plays an integral role in promoting a comfortable and conducive environment for effective language acquisition.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the various living and accommodation options available to English language students in Australia, discussing their distinct features, associated costs, and practical considerations. Choosing the right home-away-from-home is essential for maximising your studies and ensuring a memorable time in Australia. As a leading expert in student services, Australia Study connects students with the best school path, WHV, and provides expert assistance for student visa applications, supporting you throughout your Australian journey.



Homestays: A Warm, Family-Oriented Experience

For English language students craving a genuine Australian experience, homestays are a popular option. A homestay involves living with a local Australian family, providing a nurturing environment and opportunities to practise English conversation skills daily. Key features of homestay accommodation include:

1. Fully or partially furnished private bedrooms.
2. Meals, typically breakfast and dinner (half-board) or breakfast, lunch, and dinner (full-board).
3. Laundry services or access to laundry facilities.
4. An immersive, family-like atmosphere.

Homestays are arranged through your language school or through external organisations such as Homestay Network and Australian Homestay Network. Prices vary depending on location and services, but an average weekly cost is AUD$200 to $350.



Shared Apartments: Meet and Mingle with Other Students

Shared apartments offer a mix of independence and social interaction. English language students living in shared apartments reside alongside others, fostering opportunities to make friends from diverse backgrounds. Key features of shared apartment accommodation include:

1. Single or shared bedrooms.
2. Shared living spaces and facilities, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.
3. Individual or shared responsibility for utility bills.
4. Flexibility in choosing housemates, which can cater to personal preferences.

Many shared apartment listings can be found online through platforms such as and Roomgo. The average weekly rent for a room in a shared apartment ranges from AUD$190 (double room) to $400 (single room), depending on location, size, and amenities UniLodge.



Student Residences: On-Campus or Off-Campus Living

Student residences, either on-campus or off-campus, cater specifically to the needs of students. This type of accommodation is available through independent facilities, educational institutions, or private companies. Students can choose between various room types and enjoy an active, vibrant community atmosphere. Key features of student residence accommodation include:

1. Private, semi-private, or shared bedrooms.
2. Shared facilities, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and study spaces.
3. On-site support staff, including Resident Assistants (RAs) or accommodation officers.
4. Organised events and activities fostering student involvement and social engagement.

Student residences range in price, with off-campus options averaging between AUD$150 to $400 per week, while on-campus residences typically cost $200 to $500 per week. Study International Top Australian student residence providers include UniLodge, Urbanest, and Iglu.



Considerations for Choosing the Best Accommodation Option

Several factors contribute to selecting the right accommodation for English language students in Australia. Consider the following aspects when making your decision:

1. Budget: Calculate your living expenses and assess the affordability of various accommodation options.
2. Location: Proximity to language schools, public transport options, and local amenities should factor into your choice of stay.
3. Duration: If your course lasts only a few weeks, short-term accommodation like a homestay might be more suitable.
4. Social Interaction: If practising your English with native speakers is vital, consider a homestay or shared apartment.
5. Independence: Shared apartments and student residences provide personal freedom, whereas homestays offer a more structured environment.



Safety and Support during Your Stay

International students should prioritise safety and support when choosing accommodation. Look for secure housing options, and ensure that outdoor lighting, door locks, and window latches are in place. Consult with your language school for assistance in finding verified accommodation providers. Local resources such as Study in Australia also offer valuable safety tips and guidelines.

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

Australia has established tenancy laws to protect the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Familiarise yourself with the laws relevant to your state or territory, seeking advice from the respective government agency or website, such as Victoria’s Consumer Affairs or New South Wales’ Fair Trading. Also, use the free services provided by tenants’ advisory organisations, such as in New South Wales or Tenants Victoria in Victoria.

Setting up Your New Home

Upon securing appropriate accommodation, English language students should prepare for their new living situation. Arrange a welcome pack with essential items like bed linen, towels, and basic kitchen supplies. Notify your language school or relevant authorities about your accommodation details, and connect with other students or locals to establish social support networks.



Embark on Your Australian Adventure with Confidence and Australia Study

Understanding the various living and accommodation options available for English language students in Australia is essential for embarking on your adventure with confidence. Whether you prefer the warmth and immersion of a homestay, the sociable atmosphere of shared apartments, or the dedicated student environment of a residence, finding the most suitable option will enable you to concentrate on enhancing your language skills and appreciating all that Australia has to offer.

Let Australia Study guide you as you take the first step towards an enriching and unforgettable experience Down Under. Connect with us today to receive expert guidance on the best school paths, WHV, and Australian student visa applications, ensuring a seamless and supportive journey every step of the way.

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