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Cost of living in Australia

Student living cost in Australia is high, but… salaries in Australia are among the highest in the world.

Australia offers a good quality of life. Costs of living for international students can be quite high but it is usually compensated by very decent wages. You can easily combine studying with a reasonable standard of everyday living.

When estimating your income and living expenses keep in mind that in Australia most information is given on a weekly basis (52 weeks in a year). Naturally both costs and wages are higher in major cities than in smaller towns. A person with a student visa can legally work 40 hours over a two week period during the course and fulltime during holidays and school breaks. It is usually enough to afford living and school fees.

A significant living expense for international students is the cost of studying in Australia, which depends on the provider you choose and the level of education. Universities often also offer scholarships that will reduce the cost significantly. You can find more information on the selected courses below:

Average living costs depend on many factors. Our basic needs are a roof over our heads, food and transportation. While food costs are similar in most cities, it is assumed to be between AU$80 and AU$200 per week depending on how much you eat out. Accommodation prices vary widely from state to state. As an example in Adelaide (South Australia) room rental prices start from AU$160 a week and you can get your own house for as little as AU$300 a week! While in Sydney weekly rent for a room is between AU$200 and AU$400.

The minimum wage in Australia is AU$19.84 per hour, but many popular casual jobs pay even more. This means that you will be earning a minimum of AU$400-AU$500 a week. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection estimates that it costs $382 per week ($19 830 per year) for an overseas visitor to study in Australia.

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What are the living costs in Australia for an international student?

The cost of living in Australia for international students will vary depending on which region you will be living in. The cost of living will be higher in Sydney due to the greater rental prices that range between AU$200 and AU$400 per week. On the contrary, a flat in Adelaide will cost between AU$160 and AU$300 per week.

Food and drink costs in Australia are assumed to be between AU$130 and AU$280, depending on how often you eat in restaurants.

Additionally, you have to calculate the costs for public transport, which also varies depending on the region (Adelaide and Perth offer student discounts) and any entertainment that you attend to.

How much does an international student earn in Australia?

From July 2020 the national minumum wage in Australia is AU$19.84 per hour or AU$753,80 per week. All businesses operating in Australia must be adhered to it. Most student will earn more, making it easier to cover living costs and tuition fees.

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Is Australia expensive for international students?

Student living costs in Australia are not the lowest, but it is worth remembering that the income is high enough to cover the cost of living.

For each student, the basic expenses are tuition fees, visa, insurance and a flight to Australia 🙂

Once in Australia you can take up part-time work (40 hours a fortnight) while studying. Thanks to this, you can pay for renting a room, food and public transport.

Is it hard for international students to get a job in Australia?

It all depends on your approach! 🙂 Generally it is quite easy to find a job in Australia, because the job market (especially hospitality) relies on internatonal students. The busiest and biggest cities, such and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, have many jobs to offer. Regardless of the city, the most important thing is that you prepare well for it: write a resume according to Australian standards, do the appropriate courses if you want to start working in Hospitality (Responsible Service of Alcohol – RSA) or Construction (White Card) and don’t forget about your positive attitude!

Is it hard to study in Australia?

Australia is a land of endless opportunities and a paradise for international students. Why? Australia has some of the best universities in the world, world-class education, a country of many cultures and tolerance, stunning nature, beautiful weather, flexible student visas, work opportunities, the great outdoors, great support system for students, security in everyday life, incredible work opportunities to name a few.

But of course, to experience all these pleasures, you need to be able to communicate in English. So if you don’t feel confident in your english skills, you can start your adventure in Australia with an English language course that will prepare you for further learning. To find out what your options are, click HERE or contact us.

What is the minimum and the highest wage in Australia for international students?

The minimum wage in Australia is currently AU$19.84 per hour or AU$753,80 per week. It is worth remembering that international students have the same rights at work as all Australians, which means that the employer must pay you the national minimum wage per hour of work.

However, this rate mainly applies to casual jobs in positions such as waiter, cleaner or barista. If you start working in a construction site, an office or a profession in which you already are experienced in, these rates will increase proportionally. The only limitation for students is the limit of hours during studies, which is 20 hours per week during the course and no limits during your holidays.

What is the cost of living in Melbourne for international students?

It is recommended that you should have access to at least AU$4000 when you arrive to Melbourne to settle in, so that you have a budget of minimum AU$600 per week to cover the cost of living.

The Department of Home Affairs advises that a single international student requires approximately AU$22,000 per year for living costs. It is good to remember that this is set as a requirement for a certain lifestyle, which can vary and most students wouldn’t spend as much in one year.

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What is the living cost in Sydney for international students?

The cost of living in Sydney is about the same as in Melbourne. It is recommended that you should have access to at least Au$4000 when you arrive to Sydney to settle in, so that you have a budget of AU$600 per week to cover the cost of living.

The Department of Home Affairs advises that a single international student requires approximately AU$22,000 per year for living costs. It is worth remembering that a lot depends on what lifestyle you have, what apartment you rent and how often you will eat out.

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