Project Management

Project Management in Australia

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Do you see yourself taking the lead over the projects, managing them to meet time, money and scope expectations? Do you like being responsible for projects and finds fulfillment in seeing it to fruition? Do you like handling budget, managing risks and meeting targets and objectives? Do you prefer working on your own terms and create them?

If your answer is YES to all of these, you are all set to become a project manager.

Learn how to start your career in project management. You can do it in Australia in as short
as just 6 months.

Become a Project Manager in Australia

Australia has always been a top choice for international students to study, work and start a new life. More than the amazing beaches and bustling cities, they also get access to outstanding quality of life world-class education the country offers.

And there are hundreds of reasons why they choose to kick-start their career in project management in Australia. Here are a few:

  • The demand for project managers is always high in Australia and all over the world;
  • Based on PMI (2017) research, there will be additional 22 million jobs in project management sector by 2027, that’s about 33% growth!
  • Leading industries hire project managers – IT, service sector, agriculture,
    infrastructure, mining, etc.
  • Australia ranked 2nd in the top countries offering the highest PMP salary;
  • Australia is recognized as one of the best educational systems all around the world focusing on the practical aspect of education. Thanks to that you can undertake the real-life projects right after you complete your course in Australia[A1] ;

The question is – where to start?

It starts with a Project Management Course

While some people climb their way to management level through years of service, you can begin your project management career with project management course in Australia.

Project management certifications:

  • Make your resume stand out among other applicants
  • Help you get hired by top companies in leading industries around the world
  • Gives you an upper hand in negotiating your salary
  • Fulfill your professional portfolio
  • Project management course completed in Australia sets you off to opportunities for career advancement;
  • Most hiring managers consider project management as CEO training;
  • Constantly improve your technical and people skills with every project;

Inspire enough to start your project management career?

It starts with a Project Management Course

Our team of experts will help you organize your travel, pick the right project management training courses and learning paths, and arrange for your Australian adventure.

A great manager does not wait for the opportunity to come, he creates one.
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Why Work as a Project Manager?
  • It’s a desk-free job – Work in the comforts of your home or in a beachfront hotel or on a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean. With project management, you can work anywhere and communicate with your clients and team straight from your laptop.
  • Annual salary hike is up to you – Your salary is mostly based on your experience and skill-set. Keep on growing and enjoy salary increase for every year of experience you gain.
  • Balance technical and soft skills – Every project will not only enhance your technical skills but also reinvent your personality through numerous negotiations, mediation and stakeholder management.
  • No task is too small or too boring! – Project management tasks are non-repetitive and not monotonic in nature. If you easily get tired of routine work day after day, then a project management career is for you. There are no two projects that have the same scope, time, budget and environment.
  • Meet and work with different people – Social skills are also an important factor in project management. You will meet and constantly interact with different people and will allow you to create network and establish relationships with key people in the industry.
  • Constant reinvention – as the technology develops, so does project management. Working here will allow you to update your skills and be at par with new solutions to optimize your work.
  • Consistent demand – top project managers are highly sought after and recognized by some of the top organizations in the world.
  • Life application – the skills and experience you gain from each project will not only help you manage work well but also handle life and your private matters more efficiently.
  • Flexible hours – as projects may be run in different countries, project managers can work with more flexible hours. Of course, there will be some job that will require you to work outside regular hours in order to adapt to certain time zones.
  • Shift industries with ease – with project management, shifting from industry to another is not a problem since the majority of sectors require a project manager.
What are the interesting facts about Project Management
  1. The global median annual salary of project managers is USD $81,000
  2. Globally, the average age of project managers is 42 years old, but peaks at 27 and 55 years of age
  3. More than 16 million people regard project management as their profession
  4. As of November 2019, there are about 1 million project managers with PMP credentials
  5. Project Managers with certification can earn 23% more on average than non-certified project managers
  6. By 2027, project management-related jobs are expected to grow by 33%, that’s nearly 22 million new jobs
  7. Project Managers spend about 90% of their time communicating with people
  8. Nearly 70% of organizations with project managers report that project success rates have improved significantly
  9. 90% of global senior executives and project management experts say good project management is key to delivering successful results and gaining a competitive edge
  10. Running projects remotely increases the happiness of Project Managers and leads to a 13% project success rate
What does a project manager do in Australia?

A project manager’s main job is to oversee a specific project through all its processes until completion. The responsibilities may vary depending on the industry or nature of the project but it all revolves around making sound decisions to complete the project successfully

The project manager is involved in planning, procurement, hiring manpower, mediating with all parties involved and ensuring that the project runs according to the agreed budget and timeline.

Which industries have the highest demands for project management?

While the majority of the industries require some sort of project management, the following industries shows high demand for project managers through the years:

  • Information Media and Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care and Social Assistance,
  • Construction
  • Services
  • Agriculture/Mining
  • Financial and Consulting

Job openings for project managers are also predicted to increase by 6.2% in the next five years according to the Labour Market Information Portal (LIMP).

What should I study to start a career as a Project Manager?

Generally, if you want to work as a Project Manager in Australia, you will be expected to have a project management certification or qualifications. You can consider completing a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, a Diploma in Project Management or a Bachelor degree in Business Management. There are also Master Degree qualifications in Global Project Management.

You can also obtain a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) and have yourself registered for national accreditation at the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)

Seeking for advice which level of education and course is right for you? Just contact us for advice

Is PMP worth it in Australia?

Some people may view PMP certification as costly, difficult to acquire and time-consuming. And while there are truths to that, hiring managers will argue that having PMP certification outweighs the cost.

PMP certification undoubtedly adds value to your resume, not only in Australia but anywhere in the world. It provides you with industry recognition, allows you to learn important skills in the field, provides networking opportunities, and helps advance your career no matter what sector you wish to work for.

Can I study an Advanced Diploma of Project Management?

In the Australian education system, there is an Advanced Diploma for Program Management which is an equivalent to project management, but with a broader perspective. The other words, when we look for project management as managing one project, hence program management is managing the group of projects and its prioritization.

What are the top universities for international students in Australia offering Project Management degree?

A university or college degree helps project managers gain accreditation by expanding their knowledge and lower the experience requirements. There are dozens of universities offering project management degrees or course in Australia. The best ranked Universities in Australia are:

  • RMIT University
  • University of Sydney
  • Victoria University
  • University of Technology Sydney

However, there are other providers that may suits your need more. To check project management courses we want to recommend you, please visit our search engine here.

What are the best project management courses in Australia?

Here are 5 top choices for training qualifications for international students in Australia if you want to choose the project management path:

  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  • Diploma of Project Management Practice
  • Advanced Diploma of Program Management
  • Dual Master of Global Project Management + second qualification, for example Public Health or Business Administration
  • Master of Project Management (Advanced)

Selecting the best course for you depends on the amount of experience you have, the time and resources you can commit and the job position and industry you are targeting.

Is PMP a global qualification?

PMP certification is recognized and considered as one of the most respected certifications in the management field worldwide. Having PMP certification will allow you to land a higher paying job – 20% more than the salary of non-PMP project managers. Aside from the competitive salary, having certification will also play a critical role in your career advancement to upper management.

How much does a Project Manager earn in Australia?

Starting a career as a project manager in Australia can earn you anywhere from AU$80,000 to AU$160,000. The project manager’s experience, seniority, specialization and educational background will be the basis of the salary[A3] .

How much does a project manager earn globally?

Australia tops the highest salary for project manager followed by Switzerland and the US. The country offering the lowest PM salary is India and China with a salary rate of $27,000 per annum