Navigating the Shift: How New Australian Migration Policies Affect Temporarily Permanent Migrants

Australia is currently reviewing its immigration strategy to address the issue of individuals residing in the country on extended temporary visas without progressing to permanent residency. It is crucial to underscore that the information provided outlines a potential roadmap rather than a finalised plan.

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Australia is currently reviewing its immigration strategy to address the issue of individuals residing in the country on extended temporary visas without progressing to permanent residency. It is crucial to underscore that the information provided outlines a potential roadmap rather than a finalised plan. The implementation of these proposed reforms necessitates legislative amendments, and uncertainties persist regarding the enactment and timeline of these measures.

Given the high number of individuals holding Student Visas, Working Holiday Visas (WHVs), and other temporary visas, these policy adjustments can significantly impact the lives of people residing in Australia temporarily. Australia Study remains committed to providing valuable and accurate information, guidance, and support for those affected by these shifts. As a leading student agency, our specialisation lies in connecting students with suitable educational paths, WHVs, and offering essential assistance with student visa applications. It is essential to acknowledge that the proposed measures are part of an evolving strategy and are not yet finalised.


What Australia’s New Strategy Means for Permanent Temporaries


  1. Implementing the Genuine Student Test

In an effort to address concerns surrounding permanently temporary migrants, the Australian government is considering the implementation of a “genuine student test” for all international students. This proposed measure comes in response to the shortcomings of the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements.

With the advent of the new Genuine Student Test (GST), the focus shifts from necessitating students to declare their intent to return to their home country after completing their studies. Instead, the emphasis is on demonstrating a genuine need to pursue education in Australia. By introducing this shift, the Australian government aims to eliminate the possibility of immigrants exploiting student visas as a mere pathway to permanent residency, reinforcing the fundamental purpose of international education within the country.

The government anticipates that this measure will encourage the majority of international students to return to their home countries upon completing their studies, discouraging the misuse of temporary visas and other strategies to extend their stay in Australia. Ultimately, the genuine student test is designed to safeguard the integrity of the Australian education system and ensure that international students contribute positively to the country while adhering to the intended temporary nature of their stay.


  1. Raising English Language Proficiency Requirements

The Australian government is also planning to raise the English language proficiency requirements for both Graduate and Student visa applicants. According to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), students applying for a Graduate visa will need to attain a score of 6.5, an increase from the previous 6.0 requirement. Likewise, Student visa applicants will now need to achieve a minimum score of 6.0, up from 5.5.

This change to the English requirements aims to ensure that international students and graduates in Australia can effectively cope with the demands of the local education and job market. Higher English proficiency standards can lead to better academic performance, smoother transitions into the workforce, and improved communication between migrants and the broader Australian community.


  1. Prioritising Student Visa Applications Based on Provider Risk Level

To further streamline Australia’s migration policies, Student visa applications will now be processed based on the “risk level of providers.” Under this new system, higher-risk providers can expect to encounter slower visa application processing times, directly impacting the students applying through these institutions. The government intends to encourage prospective students to seek admission in reputable, low-risk institutions, ensuring better quality education outcomes and compliance with immigration policies and regulations.


  1. Restricting Temporary Graduate Visa Holders from Transferring to Student Visas Onshore

Another significant change in Australia’s migration strategy is the restriction for Temporary Graduate visa holders to transfer back to a Student visa while remaining onshore. This measure aims to reduce the number of individuals who continuously switch between visa categories to prolong their stay in Australia without transitioning to permanent residency. By enforcing this restriction, the government aims to limit the opportunities for temporary visa holders to remain in the country indefinitely, reinforcing the principle that visas should be used for their intended purpose.


  1. Establishing the Specialist Skills Pathway

Recognising the need for highly skilled professionals in Australia, the government is planning to establish a new “specialist skills pathway.” This pathway should be available to eligible applicants in any occupation, except trade workers, machinery operators and drivers, and labourers. To qualify for this new pathway, applicants would be required to earn a minimum salary of $135,000, ensuring that only those with specialised skills and strong earning potential will be eligible to participate in this program.

Opening the specialist skills pathway fosters an environment where businesses and organisations can access top talent from around the world. Additionally, by targeting high-earning, skilled professionals, the government aims to boost the economy and create a competitive environment for industries seeking to attract a global workforce.


  1. Key Takeaways for Prospective International Students and Migrants

Australia’s new migration strategy brings about several changes that significantly impact the lives of international students and other temporary visa holders residing in the country. Understanding these changes and their implications is crucial for navigating an increasingly complex visa landscape.

If you’re planning to study or work in Australia, staying informed about the evolving migration policies is vital. The knowledgeable team at Australia Study is here to help, providing up-to-date information, consultations, and tailored advice for those seeking the best possible outcomes in their Australian journey. 

As a trusted student agency with experience in guiding individuals towards the ideal school path, WHVs, and student visa applications, Australia Study is your go-to resource for navigating the changing landscape of international education and migration.


Embracing the Future: Navigating Australia’s New Migration Strategy

The proposed changes to Australia’s migration strategy present both challenges and opportunities for prospective international students and migrants. It is crucial to adapt and stay informed of these policy updates in order to make the most of your Australian study experience. The team at Australia Study is dedicated to supporting you through this process, providing expert guidance, personal insights, and much-needed assistance for visa applications and more.


Whether you are looking to pursue your studies in Australia or secure a Working Holiday Visa, turn to Australia Study for up-to-date information, personalised advice, and unwavering commitment to your success. Don’t let changes in migration policy deter you from achieving your Australian dreams; get in touch with Australia Study today and embrace the future with confidence!

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