Visitor and Graduate visa holders won’t be able to re-apply for a student visa while in Australia

In a major decision that's set to change the landscape for international students, the Australian Government has announced that starting 1 July, Visitor visa and Temporary Graduate visa holders will no longer be able to apply for Student visas while they're in Australia. This significant policy change is aimed at tackling issues related to visa misuse and strengthening the integrity of the migration system. It follows a series of regulatory measures introduced earlier this year to manage migration levels.

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The government decided on this course of action after seeing a surge in applications via the visitor-to-student visa pathway—over 36,000 lodged between 1 July 2023 and the end of May 2024. Officials believe that the current system has been exploited, with some individuals bypassing the stricter requirements of applying for a student visa from outside Australia. This practice has occasionally allowed non-genuine students to secure visas without true academic intentions.

New Visa Rules Mandate Offshore Applications for Visitor Visa Holders

Under the new rules, Visitor visa holders will need to leave Australia to apply for a Student visa from their home country or another eligible location abroad. The offshore application process is more rigorous than the onshore process, adding an extra layer of scrutiny for prospective students.

Temporary Graduate Visa Holders Also Affected by Policy Changes

On the other hand,  Temporary Graduate visa holders will face a similar situation after ending their post-study time. If they cannot secure a sponsor or navigate the skilled migration system within their visa’s validity, they will have to leave Australia. Those who still wish to pursue further studies will now need to apply for a Student visa from outside the country requiring careful planning and substantial reasons for returning to study.

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Significant Impact on International Students and Educational Institutions

The impact of this decision is considerable, affecting thousands of potential international students who plan to transition from short-term stays to long-term educational pursuits. This decision was designed to enhance the integrity and efficiency of the student visa system but at the same time poses significant challenges for students, educational agencies and educational institutions. 

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