Professional Courses in Australia

Pick a career you are passionate about and extend your stay in Australia! Study the field you are passionate about with short, flexible courses to give you time to enjoy Australia.

It is the perfect solution to extend your adventure, learn a trade and switch to a different field of study, with or without a high school diploma.

Perfect if you are looking for a practical course on a limited budget!


What are the advantages?

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Autonomy & Flexibility

Class attendance is flexible enough to let you easily organise yourself to work or enjoy Australia during your studies.

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Work & Study

Your visa lets you work up to 24 hours per week and up to 48 hours a week during school holidays. You will be able to fund your studies while enjoying life in Australia.

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Affordable Tuition

Tuition fees payments are flexible enough that you can pay in several instalments spread throughout the length of your studies.

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Open To All

The courses are accessible to all, regardless of your level of study or professional experience, in all areas of study.

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Extend Your Stay

You can choose to extend your stay in Australia through short-term courses and specialise in the field of your choice!

Ready to invest in your future?


How does it work?

These courses are based on a learning methodology that relies on working independently and taking initiative. They offer a practical vision of the chosen profession so that you can quickly undertake work.

There are 3 types of qualifications:

Certificates (level I, II, III, and IV) can last from 3 months to 1 year and provide the required practical skills to undertake work. They provide the fundamentals of the job you want to do. They are also useful for people who want to upgrade their professional skills. You may be eligible to complete a Certificate even if you don't hold any qualifications
A Diploma allows you to acquire skills in a broad range of fields. It lasts from 6 months to 2 years and lets you start your professional career and can also be a pathway for university studies.
Advanced Diploma
This qualification is highly valued by employers and lasts between 1 and 2 years.

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What our students say

Arfynizar Naswadhiya Alwi
Diploma of Graphic Design & Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing at Australian College of Business Intelligence in Sydney
I’m really enjoying my college life in Australia. I was terrified at first, thinking that no one will help me out, but the staffs repeatedly ask if I’m doing well and make sure everything is settled so I can just focus on my study and living here. Even before I went here, they helped me with all applications and preparation until I got here and ready to live and study here. Thanks Australia Study.
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Natalia Borucka
Diploma of Project Management
I recommend with all my heart 💗 incredibly professional in their profession, excellent contact and support, no worries on my part, TheTeam is open and inventive, she puts everything on the last button 👌👌
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Justyna Wielosik
Justyna Wielosik
Diploma of Project Management
I highly recommend, make your dreams come true 🇦🇺 Thanks to the help of Adrianna, Michael and Wojtek, all procedures related to visa, college and later moving to the antipodes took place expressly and stress-free 🚀
Kuntika Ketkaenchan
Kuntika Ketkaenchan
Certificate III + Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care at Queensford College in Adelaide
I highly recommend Australia Study to anyone seeking assistance in their educational pursuits. Their knowledge, skillfulness, and dedication to me satisfaction are truly commendable. I am confident that they will continue to provide outstanding support to many more students like myself. The team demonstrated an impressive level of skill and knowledge in the field of education. They were well-informed about various study programs, universities, and career paths, providing me with valuable insights and guidance.
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Klaudia Lewandowska
Klaudia Lewandowska
Bachelor of Architecture
I received amazing help from Mrs. Magda, starting from choosing a university, to solving many problems after arriving in Australia. I have had contact and help from Mrs. Magda for over 2 years, including a year and a half of preparation for studies in the madness of covid and unexpected changes. Magda was constantly taking care of everything necessary to start her studies. Without her help, I don't know if I would have dared to go on such a journey, and certainly all the preparations would not have gone so smoothly. Currently, I have completed half a year of studies and I am still in constant contact with Mrs. Magda, who solves all the problems I encounter while living in Australia. I definitely recommend Australia Study, if you go to study/courses in Australia, it's only with them!
Phanisara Pornnithid
Phanisara Pornnithid
Master of Business Administration and Master of Global Project Management at Torrens University in Adelaide
Big thanks to Australia Study Thailand team P’Katin, and P’Pear. They helped me a lot before I came to Adelaide and when I am in Adelaide as well. When I have any questions and problems, all of them are willing to help with good suggestions. I can say that choosing Australia Study is the best decision I ever made. I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional service and unwavering support I received from them. As I embarked on my journey to pursue higher education abroad, their invaluable assistance played an instrumental role in shaping my future. One of the greatest advantages of choosing with Australia Study was their extensive network of partner institutions around Australia. They carefully matched my academic profile with universities that perfectly aligned with my interests and ambitions
Somprattana Aeamprasart
Commercial Cookery Package at Quality College in Adelaide
I had a great experience in Adelaide, Australia with the perfect team from Australia Study Thailand, who provided not only information about education but also supported me in every aspect.
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Maria Prieto
Maria Prieto
IELTS Preparation course
I recommend Australia Study because all those who run it are super attentive people who give you a lot of facilities and help of all kinds. I had the pleasure of going to Australia for 4 months and although such a big change of place is always hard, they made me feel at home the first few days. In the future I would love to be able to return and I am very sure that I will count on them again. thanks
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Anna Kornak
Diploma of Music Industry (Electronic Music); Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)
Many thanks to team Australia Study for helping me get my first student visa! The whole process was smooth and stress free. The team is irreplaceable, great at what they do and very committed. They approached the entire application process professionally. They answered all my doubts and questions related to documents and visa. I will use their services again at the next opportunity. I am very grateful for everything ;). Easy contact with the agency, the whole team is super helpful ;). I highly recommend!
Natkrita Tantong
Natkrita Tantong
General English at Alliance College in Adelaide
Australia study agency can provide me with a lot of information and take care of me when I was in Australia. They always keep my suggestion on everything I need to know. They not only suggest studying advice but also living too. Thank you for your assistance P’Katin & P’Pear
Tanakit Sontayananon
Tanakit Sontayananon
Certificate III + Diploma of Horticulture + Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness at Ironwood Institute in Adelaide
Appreciate Katin and her team, they are a friendly and professional team. They consulted me with helpful information about courses and education providers in SA. That helped me choose a suitable course for myself and led me to one of the best experiences studying abroad. I highly recommend it to anybody who is seeking an educational consultant.
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Patinya Srisaichuea
Master of International Hotel Management, Blue Mountains at Torrens University in Adelaide
Special thanks to the Australia Study team.Thank you very much for your advice on my study plan and everything from the preparation until now you still take care of every detail. I would like to tell everyone who is still hesitating that please be confident in Australia Study and you won't regret it. See you in Australia.
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Krittiyapron Julnongyai
General English at Alliance College in Adelaide
First of all, I would like to thank myself for choosing this Australia Study. There is Katin to take care of advising on terms of study and life. She tried to find a school and choose the right subject for me. If I have any questions or concerns Katin will give me a quick answer. For every problem that I encounter, Katin will always help and try to come up with a solution. When I arrived in Australia, this agency gave me a warm welcome, however, thank you Katin for taking such good care of me. If you want advice from this agency, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
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