Student accommodation in Australia – types and costs

Did you choose Australia as your destination? That is so great! You won't regret that! If you already have a student visa and another formality behind you, it is time to find accommodation. With Australia Study, it is very simple. Let's find out what your options are.

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How to find student accommodation in Australia?

If you don’t know where to start, this paragraph is for you. Finding accommodation in Australia is very simple. You can do this by using popular marketplaces with places to rent. One of the most popular is the same worldwide – Gumtree and Airbnb. See that is not too hard, right? But we understand that it feels uncomfortable to look for a place on your own in a totally strange country. That is why you can get all the help you need in Australia Study. With us, you can find accommodation that fits you and is affordable.

What are the options for student accommodation in Australia?

As a student, you have w lot of options for accommodation. We collected them for you to check out in one place. The list is below!

Student apartment and share room

These are two of the most popular accommodation options in Australia for students. A student apartment is a great option for people who love their private life. If you are one of them, and you want to have a safe and quiet place, you should choose that one. In a student apartment, you can be alone or with one roommate. You can find an apartment on the Internet. But there is another option. A lot of universities offer apartments for rent. These places are on campus or nearby. So if you want to be close to campus, this is a good option. Finding a student apartment offered by universities also guarantee you a social life. This is because these apartments are close to each other, so you have about 50 to 300 students.

Another great option is to share a room. By sharing a room with others, you can find a place to stay at lower prices. It also integrates you with other people. This is the best option for extroverts who love being around other people. There are units with three or five rooms in one house. It is also possible to get a single room, but you have to prepare that it will cost more than a room shared with another person.

Hostel and hotel

Another way to find a place to stay in Australia is to rent a room in a hostel. It would be a great option if you came to Australia for some course or something like that. These places are safe and quite cheap if you stay there for a short time. You can also meet other people like you and, of course, a tourist from all over the world. Still, a long stay in a hostel will be more expensive than a student apartment.

You can, of course, find a room in a hotel. But this is the most expensive option of all. Except for that, we have to admit that it has a lot of advantages. It is safe and keeps your life private. It is also very comfortable. It is not the best option, but if you stay in Australia, for example, for one month, and you can afford that, choose what you want.


A fascinating option to find accommodation in Australia is a homestay, which means accommodation with a family. First, this is not expensive. Also, the price is one thing, and the hospitality is another. By choosing that option, you will probably get great hospitality from your family. This includes things like cleaning and cooking. Another advantage of that option is experiencing average Australian family life. This is priceless! You probably will also find friends for a lifetime. It is also the best opportunity to practise your English every day.

How much does accommodation cost for a student in Australia?

We cannot give you a sure price for accommodation in Australia. It depends, for example, on the neighbourhood. Very important is also the city that you have chosen – there are different prices in Sydney and Melbourne. Also, it depends on the type of accommodation that you choose. A hotel will be more expensive than finding a roommate. But if you want to know what to expect, just prepare to pay prices between AU$140 – AU$350 per week. If you need to know more about accommodation and prices, just contact with Australia Study team for help.

Finding accommodation in Australia isn’t very hard. You can also get help with that by contacting Australia Study. As a foreigner, you have a lot of options. We are sure that you will find something good for you.

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