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Perth is the 4th largest Australian capital city located in Western Australia. The population of Perth is 2 million out of over 2.7 million people throughout Western Australia. Perth is also one of the most isolated cities in the world, and it is possibly what Perth is most famous for. The closest Australian city is 2,200kms away which makes Perth, in fact, closer to Singapore than to Australia’s own capital, Canberra. The timezone in Western Australia and Perth is GMT +8.

Leading industries in Western Australia, sector of employment from the student’s perspective

Western Australia’s economy is largely driven by the extraction and processing of a diverse range of mineral and petroleum commodities. WA contributes 58% of Australia’s mineral and energy exports, potentially earning up to 4.64% of Australia’s total GDP. Western Australia is also the world’s largest producer of gold.

Is Perth a good place to live?

Perth is one of the top cities to live in the world. It consistently ranks high instability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure along with other great cities in the world.

Perth is the 4th largest Australian capital city located in Western Australia
Accommodations in Perth for International Students

Accommodations in Perth for International Students

Which is the best suburb to live in Perth?

East Perth has been named Western Australia’s most lifestyle-friendly suburb and with its prime position on the Swan River, popular waterfront dining scene, ample green spaces and close proximity to the city. East Perth has an easy commute to the CBD eight minutes by car or 12 minutes using public transport. Other great neighbourhoods in Perth are Highgate, Mt. Lawley, Leederville, Ashfield, Crawley and North Fremantle.

How much are student accommodation and rent in Perth?

Average Room Prices in Perth:

Shared RoomA$227 / week
Private RoomA$247 / week
Entire PlaceA$368 / week
Does universities and colleges in Perth have student apartments?

Yes. Universities and vocational institutes in Perth have a variety of different student apartments and dorms both on-campus and off-campus.

How do I find accommodation in Perth?
  • Flatmates.com.au
  • Gumtree.com.au
  • Hostelworld.com
  • Realestate.com.au
  • Domain.com.au
  • Reiwa.com.au
Which accommodation should I select? Who provides accommodation for international students?

Deviating from the traditional norms of campus cultures, local university students in Perth do not have a cemented norm of living on campus – but, a majority of the institutions in Perth serve the option of living on campus that cater to both international and local students.

Cost of living in Perth for International Students

How expensive is Perth? Is Perth more expensive than other cities?

Perth is the cheapest of the bigger cities in Australia. For example, comparing Perth to Sydney, Perth is an overall 20% cheaper city to live in, whereas the rent prices in Perth are 47.43% lower than in Sydney.

What is the living cost for international students in Perth?

The living cost in Perth for international students typically consists of the rent (on campus or off-campus), school fees and other general living costs.

What salary do you need to live in Perth? How much money do I need at the beginning in Perth?

It is recommended that you should have access to around A$3000* when you arrive in Perth to settle in and pay your bond (which is a security deposit for your landlord), and a budget of approx. A$475* per week to cover the cost of living in Perth.

*It is good to remember that the amounts depend on your rental cost and lifestyle.

How much does food cost in Perth?

The price of basic lunchtime menu including a drink in the business district in Perth is 16 Australian dollars. The prices in the grocery stores are the average Australian prices.

Cost of living in Perth for International Students
Jobs in Perth for International Students

Jobs in Perth for International Students

Perth is constantly growing in population, infrastructure and innovation. Many of the industries are diversified but interconnected at the same time. Due to decentralization from the ruling hub centres, it is given that more and more opportunities will pop up.

What sort of jobs can I do in Perth as an international student?
  • Catering and hospitality business
  • Retail and warehouse staff
  • Office and retail cleaning industry
  • Health and aged care
  • Car wash and automotive industry
  • And many more!
How much can an international student earn in Perth?

A student on a Student Visa is entitled to earn a minimum wage of $19.49 per hour or $740.80 per 38-hour week (before tax) for working both on-campus and off-campus during the period of their full-time study. Average pay is usually higher, so it is likely to earn more.

How can an international student get a job in Perth?
  • International students often work within the hospitality and childcare section; however, students are working in a wide range of different jobs.
  • It is essential to look for work in the area that you will be studying in and, therefore, internships are an option to gain work experience and a future paid job.
Is it hard to get a job as an international student in Perth?

Having a part-time job is often an essential part of studying abroad and international students are a big part of the job market in Perth. The Student Visa allows you to work up to 20 hours per week. Make sure you’re realistic about the work you can take on with your level of experience – but try to pick an area that will help you in your career. Jobs that aren’t in your field can still help you gain transferable skills that will be valuable and look great on your resume!

What is the minimum salary in Australia?

The current minimum wage in Australia is $740.80 per week, which equates to a minimum hourly rate of $19.49. However, usually the pay is higher.

Transport in Perth

With convenient public transportation, you can easily move around the place without a hassle. Public buses, trains, trams, taxis and rideshare services (Uber and Ola in Perth) are the options for you if you don’t want to worry about parking.

How does public transport work in Perth?

Public transport in Perth is provided by Transperth, with links to rural areas provided by Transwa. There are 70 railway stations and 15 bus stations in the metropolitan area. Perth also provides zero-fare bus and train trips around the city centre (the “Free Transit Zone”), including four high-frequency CAT bus routes.

Is public transport free in Perth?

Perth provides zero-fare bus and train trips around the city centre (the “Free Transit Zone”), including four high-frequency CAT bus routes.

How much does public transport cost in Perth?

A standard SmartRider card for Transperth card costs $20, giving you $10 of travel. The student fare (70c), is available Monday to Friday from the first to the last school day of the year.

How to use public transport in Perth?

The Transperth app is the easiest way to plan your trips with public transportation in Perth.

What is the most popular mode of transportation in Perth?

Public transportation, such as train and buses, is quite easy when travelling within the city, but it is also easy to use Uber and Ola while going out in the evenings.

public transportation in Perth
Education in Perth for International Students

Education in Perth for International Students

Perth has around 35,000 international students attending in 4 universities, as well as Vocational Colleges and English schools.

Is Perth a good place for international students?

Perth offers an easy and affordable study environment for international students. Many students choose Perth and, therefore, students can meet many other students from all over the world including all over Australia. It is also a short flight away from Asia and there’s a direct flight to England connecting Europe to Perth!

What are the best Universities in Perth?

The five main universities in Perth are Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame, and the University of Western Australia.

What can I study in Perth?

Perth is home to a substantial number of high-quality courses e.g. in advertising, animation and game design, architecture, economics, event management, web media, science, speech pathology, geophysics, and occupational therapy – and many more – for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

How good is education in Australia?

The Education Index, published with the UN’s Human Development Index in 2018, based on data from 2017, listed Australia the second highest in the world! Australia is also a leading global provider of education to international students – and, after the United States and the United Kingdom, is ranked as the third-largest provider of international education.

Weather in Perth

What is the warmest and coldest months of the year in Perth?

Perth has dry periods in January, February, March, and December. The warmest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 31°C. The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 17°C. June is the wettest month.

What is the best time to visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth would be in October, November or December when the city is aglow with the colours and perfumes of spring and sunny days are usually uninterrupted by rain.

Does it rain a lot in Perth?

Winter-months in Perth (June, July, August) can bring downpours of rain and thunderstorms. On average, August is the rainiest month in Perth.

What are the seasons in Perth?
  • Summer: December to February
  • Autumn: March to May
  • Winter: June to August
  • Spring: September to November

Weather in Perth
Culture in Perth

Culture in Perth

A lot of Perth’s cultural offerings revolve around the rich Aboriginal culture of the area. But there is also a lot of contemporary art knocking about. There are many small galleries and studios that you can wander on into to admire the work and even to have a chat with the artist themselves. There are also a lot of different events throughout the year in Perth.

Is Perth a global city?

Perth is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, and the urban development industry plays a critical role in shaping Perth’s future. The WA capital achieved a maximum score of 100 for ‘Healthcare’, ‘Education’ and ‘Infrastructure’ and a 95 for ‘Stability’. 

5 interesting facts about Perth:
  • Perth is famous for some of the Hollywood stars who were born, raised or studied here including Isla Fisher, Sam Worthington, Melissa George and Heath Ledger. Hugh Jackman also spent time in Perth training as a young actor.
  • Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia
  • Perth is the only place in the world where you can find quokkas
  • Perth has the largest inner-city park in the world
  • Perth is closer to Bali, Indonesia, than Canberra, Australia
  • Perth is the worlds largest producer of gold
What Perth is famous for?

Perth is most famous for being the most isolated city in the world, but it is not true. That special mantle belongs to Honolulu, Hawaii. Perth is the second most isolated capital with the next nearest city 2,200km away.

What is the food culture like in Perth?

Perth and Western Australia are famous for its fresh seafood and world-famous fine wineries.

Lifestyle in Perth

Why is Perth liveable city?

Perth is currently one of the top twenty most liveable cities in the world. 

Are there many clubs and restaurants in Perth?

Nightlife in Perth and in general in Australia is good. Perth has a lot of rooftop bars, restaurants, and breweries.

What to do during your free time in Perth?

Have a trip to Rottnest Island, visit Fremantle or have a walk-in Kings Park and its botanic garden or go to movies in the rooftop cinemas. You can also go to the beach, have a walk by the coast or go to the wineries in Swan Valley. Remember to visit the Perth Zoo or spot some dolphins in the Swan River or some kangaroos in Heirisson Island. Centrally located in the James Street Mall, the Perth Cultural Centre also offers a variety of options when it comes to everything cultural and artistic.

What does nightlife look like in Perth?

The Perth nightlife offers a lot of pubs, clubs, concerts, rooftop bar and among the best in Australia, ideal for enjoying a drink at sunset. A tradition of Perth is to go to the pub on Sunday afternoon, which is also known as “Sunday Session”.

Lifestyle in Perth
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