Sport Development

Australians are hungry for sport. They love it. They’re addicted to it.

Ashleigh Barty

Those who love the sport are not lacking in the world, but those who want to take it up professionally are far fewer. Qualifications for sport are much needed. They reflect the role of people who use their skills and knowledge to help others develop a career in sport. They work with junior sports programs at clubs or schools in specific sports, train coaches and teachers, are responsible for recruiting young people, parents, and volunteers into the sport development, and organize and plan competitions.

Sports Development Studies teach you both how to take care of your physical fitness, shaping your character and sculpting your figure, and how to influence the destinies of others by directing their careers. Sports habits acquired during your studies pay off throughout your life and help you to coach others on how to use them in their career path. Sports Development graduates are determined people who can work hard, set high standards for themselves, and are willing to help others to achieve their goals.

What sports are most popular in Australia?

The most traditional sports in Australia are cricket, Australian football, and rugby league. Of course, we cannot forget about swimming and surfing, with such an abundance of beaches and ocean access that around 3.147 million practice this sport – swimming is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Australia. Also, other recreational activities like walking, fitness/gym, running, and cycling are on top of the list.

What is a diploma of sport development?

The Graduate Diploma in Sports Development gives you a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical qualifications required to work in sport. You can benefit from experience of industry professionals who are leaders in the field, who are teaching at this course. You will develop the heart skills required in the sport field to gain employment in sport development and needed in promoting sports activities for the community. In this profession your success depends principally on efficient cooperation and networking with a broad spectrum of community associations and clubs, service providers, facility operators, National Governing bodies, local authorities, and voluntary groups.

The best Diploma of Sport Development Courses in Australia:

  • Diploma Of Sport And Recreation Management at Australian Institute of Personal Trainers – Course ( SIS50115 )
  • Diploma of Applied Fitness at Sydney New South Wales University
  • Personal Trainer Program & Diploma of Business ( SIS40215 )
  • Graduate Diploma of Sports Administration Online
  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation at Australian Institute of Personal Trainers – Course ( SIS30115 )
  • Bachelor of Health & Movement – Sport Major at ACPE
  • Diploma of Sport Coaching and Development at La Trobe University
  • Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Development at La Trobe University
  • Diploma of Sport at Griffith University (SIS50319)
  • Diploma of Sport at VIctoria University (SIS50319)
  • Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management at TAFE NSW ( SIS50115 )
  • Certificate IV in Sport Development ( SIS40419 )

How long do Sport Development Courses take?

The general length of study programs in Sports Management is: Diploma 9 months Bachelor’s degrees: 3 years, Master’s degrees: between 1-2 years.

Is a Sports Development degree worth it?

It depends on your interests and career goals. If you are passionate about sport and want to help others become professionals in their field, and you want your country to have talented qualified people – the Sports Development degree will be useful for you. You must decide how much time and money you want to invest and choose the right course for you.

Most jobs in sports management involve working with and coordinating people and promoting sports activities for the community. Communication is the key skill in this profession, as you will be the bridge between the sportsman and community associations and clubs, service providers, facility operators, National Governing Bodies, and local authorities. You must be comfortable working with lots of people and taking managing positions, coaching, and being motivational.

Is working in Sport Development good career in Australia?

If you are an active person, love sport, movement, and working with people you cannot sit still, and you need new challenges every day then Sport Development studies or Sport studies are an ideal educational proposal for you. Gaining this solid foundation in the theoretical & practical skills necessary will give you many opportunities to work in sports. The industry grew strongly over the three years through 2018-19 and the first half of 2019-20. It can be a lucrative career with top earnings with lots of job satisfaction.

What jobs can I do with a sport development degree? How much can I earn?

  • The average salary for a coordinator is $80,023 per year in Australia.
  • The average salary for a program coordinator is $93,170 per year in Australia.
  • The national average salary for a Talent Development Coordinator is $92,463 in Australia.

What jobs can you get studying fitness?

  • Coaches coordinator
  • Officials coordinator
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Club coordinator.
  • Sports development officer