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Australia Study is your guide to the best experience in Australia!

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Our mission is to be a guide for people who dream of studying, working and experiencing Australia and open the world of new opportunities for them!

About us

About Australia Study
Today we are a group of 24 professionals from 11 countries speaking 14 languages to make sure that our students feel comfortable with us.

We have extensive knowledge of around 20 years in Education in Australia and on top of that all of us have been international students in Australia, so we have gone through the same process. Therefore, we understand the needs and doubts that the students have before they make the decision of enrolling at an Australian University or School. We know that it is a big step in those young people’s lives and we give 100% attention to all of the ones who contact us to put their big plans in our hands. It is a great pleasure and it makes us proud to be their guide during this process. We enjoy every success story when a young person arrives in Australia and when he or she graduates from the course it gives us additional motivation to work harder for them and new students, as well as improve our services and knowledge.